Are you Worried about Premature Ejaculation?

Here are 3 tried and tested tips that Will Make You Last Longer in Bed!

By Lloyd Lester, Creator,

how to last longer in bed for menOne of the most common reasons that men are Worried about Premature Ejaculation when it comes to having sex, is finding ways to last longer in bed. Yes, you read that right!

If you worry about not fully satisfying your partner when you are having sex with her, know that you are not alone.

Literally millions of men all over the world are thinking the exact same thing when it comes to their sexual encounters. This problem is known as premature ejaculation and fortunately, it can be very easily solved.

If you look up premature ejaculation online or even if you visit your local drugstore, you will come across hundreds of products, ranging from pills to gels and even exotic potions and juices, that claim to be premature ejaculation treatments.

One thing you need to know before you spend your money on those so called cures, is that there is absolutely no miracle core or drug that will improve sexual stamina overnight. Curing premature ejaculation takes patience and time, but is is definitely possible and, most importantly, easy!

All you need yo do to last longer in bed is follow some tips and practice using them and you will soon start to see your stamina and performance improving. I am about to share with you three vital last longer tips that are absolutely safe and their results well known and documented.


#1 – Know when to stop:

I know it might seem a bit weird, but the key to prolong ejaculation is stopping when you start to feel fully aroused. You see there is a certain point in your arousal, called the Point of no return, that essentially forces your penis to ejaculate. Once you get to that point, stopping or delaying ejaculation is practically impossible. So, once you feel that you are about to reach your climax, stop moving and immediately pull out of your partner.

Start stimulating her with your fingers or perform oral sex on her and enter her again once you feel that you have “cooled down” a bit.


#2 – Control your breathing:

Ask any athlete or soldier and he will tell you that when it comes to controlling your self and your body in general, breathing slowly is extremely important. So, the next time you are in bed with your partner, try taking in some really deep breaths, this way you will focus on your breathing and your mind will “forget” how much pleasure and fun you are having with your partner.

In other words, it won’t care about how aroused you are and this will greatly slow down ejaculation. With enough practice, this will son become second nature to you and the amount of time your sexual encounters last, will skyrocket!


#3 – Focus on your partner:

Well, the main reason you want sex to last loner is to please your partner more, right? Well then, doesn’t it make sense to focus on her needs and how to pleasure her first? Extend the time you spend on foreplay. “Play” with all of her erogenous zones and get her as aroused as you can. You can even enter her vagina with your fingers or tongue and give her an orgasm long before you slide your penis in there!

Thanks to those three little, but very important tips, not only will you be able to last longer in bed, your partner will also enjoy sex with you a lot more and she’ll want to have it more often! This is definitely the first step towards massively improving your sex life!

About the Author

Lloyd Lester has written the famous and very successful book “Ejaculation By Command“, which is a very detailed guide on how to end premature ejaculation once and for all and last longer in bed. Learn more about developing superior sexual endurance and stop being Worried about Premature Ejaculation by visiting: Ejaculation By Command