What are kegel exercises: Edging and premature ejaculation prevention are connected!

Find out how and why!

how to do kegel exercises for menPremature ejaculation is one of the common problems affecting men in the bedroom and the reason for that is very simple: men are hardwired to ejaculate as early as possible!

You see as far as nature is concerned, sex is ONLY meant for procreation and not having a good time with your partner, therefore all males should be able to “get the job done” (and by that I mean impregnate their mate) as quickly as possible, in order to avoid attacks by predators, or even their mate’s wrath (a lot of female animals, like spiders and praying mantises, attack and kill the males after sex).

So, if one wants to beat premature ejaculation, he must first learn how to overcome nature’s programming. This is usually done with behavioral therapy and various exercises.

The goal is to become able to control your arousal and your climax. One of the most beneficial exercises that a man can do to increase his sexual prowess is called “Edging”.

According to recent studies, there is a very strong connection between edging and premature ejaculation prevention.

What is “Edging”?

Simply put, Edging is masturbating until you reach your Point of No Return (PNR), which is the point at which your arousal becomes too much for your body and mind to handle and ejaculation becomes inevitable, then cooling off and repeating this cycle as many times as possible, until you finally ejaculate. With each try, you should be trying to get as close to the PNR as possible.

How will this help with my early ejaculation problem?

By getting as close as possible to your climax and ejaculation without actually ejaculating you are essentially teaching your brain how to have better control over your arousal and you are also getting him used to delaying the “ejaculation order”.

In other words, you are training your mind and body to overcome its natural programming. With that being said, here’s a step by step guide to Edging:

Edging step by step

1. Get an erection and some privacy.

OK, it goes without saying, in order to masturbate you need a good erection, what you probably don’t know however, is that the best edging sessions last at least for twenty minutes, so before you start, you should make sure that you will not be disturbed for that duration.

2. Use good lubrication.

Since you will be going at it for quite some time, you need some lubrication in order to keep both your hands and penis from getting hurt or chaffed. This lubrication can be something simple like baby oil or a specially designed penis lubricant such as Enlargel. You will need a lubricant that doesn’t dry too soon in order to have a good edging session.

3. Getting down to business!

Start by stroking the base of your erect penis and then start to slowly move upwards, toward the frenulum. The frenulum and the head are by far the most sensitive parts of your penis, so it is better that you keep away from the frenulum for your first few edging sessions and that you start stroking it once you have achieved some amount of ejaculation control.

Always keep in mind that the whole point of edging is learning how to always be in control of your biological sensations.

4. Getting close to the PNR

If you start to feel an urge to ejaculate, then immediately stop stroking the area that you are stroking and move back down to the base of the penis. In order to fully master this technique, you should Keep your strokes very slow for your first few sessions.

After a few successful Edging sessions, you can increase their speed, without worrying about ejaculating too soon.

5. Wait and restart.

Once you have felt the approach of the PNR (that urge to ejaculate) and you have successfully delayed it by moving your strokes to the base of the penis, keep stroking the base slowly until you feel like your arousal has subsided.

Once you feel that you have cooled down a bit, repeat steps 3,4 and 5 as many times as you can. Try to get at least one extra rep with each Edging session.

Now that you know what are kegel exercises, I am sure that the connection between edging and premature ejaculation has become crystal clear to you. This great technique will definitely help you last longer in bed, just remember to keep things slow for your first few sessions and to gradually make your sessions more and more intense.

For more on edging and other ejaculation control techniques, you should check out the two best books on the subject of preventing and overcoming premature ejaculation: Ejaculation By Command and Ejaculation Trainer. Those books have helped thousands of men all over the world deal with their early ejaculation problem and they will definitely do the same for you.