The premature ejaculation ring myth: Busted or Confirmed?

Read on and find out!

premature ejaculation treatmentPremature ejaculation is a problem that every man would like to get rid of as soon as it rears its ugly head, because it is very frustrating and embarrassing.

The problem however is that a lot of men are too embarrassed to talk about it with their friends or to visit a doctor, because they think that they will laugh at them or treat them as medical oddities, afflicted by a very rare condition.

Those men are willing to try every PE cure they read about online, regardless of how ridiculous it may sound.

One of the latest trends in the field of home made remedies and solutions for lasting longer during sex is the cock ring, which some people also call the Premature Ejaculation Ring, because it can allegedly prevent premature ejaculations.

So, will the Premature Ejaculation Ring help with premature ejaculation? Let’s find out!

What is the cock ring or the Premature Ejaculation Ring?

As the name suggests, the Premature Ejaculation Ring is a ring that you put around the base of your erect penis, or even around the testicles and the base of the penis.

What a cock ring does is constrict the erect penis and trap the blood that is there. In other words, it doesn’t let the blood that fills the penis in order for an erection to be achieved, to leave the body. This means that it can provide you with a very hard and strong erection.

Can it be used as a treatment of premature?

This is where things get a bit complicated… You see most men report that cock rings make their penis more sensitive to the touch. This means that sex will be absolutely sensational, but it also means that people with premature ejaculation problems will probably ejaculate even faster than they did without the ring on!

In other words, it almost certainly CAUSE a premature ejaculation, instead of preventing it.

The good news !

There is a silver lining however to the effects of the cock ring, which may be the reason why some people call it the Premature Ejaculation Ring.

You see since the blood that caused the erection becomes trapped in your penis, this means that your penis won’t go limp after your ejaculation and it will remain rock hard, or just about. This means that you can continue thrusting and pleasing your woman, even after you have ejaculated!

So, while the Premature Ejaculation Ring won’t actually prevent a premature ejaculation, it can help you to continue to satisfy your partner even after you have reached your orgasm.

So, there you have it: the Premature Ejaculation Ring isn’t technically one of the treatments for premature ejaculation, but it can certainly help people with PE problems and their partners to have a great time together in bed. If you want to learn how to treat PE and all the secrets about lasting longer in bed, then you need to check out Ejaculation Trainer or Ejaculation By Command. Those are the two best books on the subject of overcoming PE and increasing male sexual stamina and they will definitely help you become a better lover.