Which are the best premature ejaculation treatments?

 By Lloyd Lester, Creator, EjaculationByCommand.com

The bad news is that premature ejaculation is a problem that about halfe the men on the planet are facing or will face at some time in their lives. The good news is that it is not something permanent.

The even better news, is that there is a wide variety of effective cues and treatments for premature ejaculation, which means that you will definitely find one that wants for you.

Before we start talking about the cures however, we need to clarify exactly what premature ejaculation is and when we can safely say that a man is having PE problems and issues.

prevent premature ejaculation

You could be a having a premature ejaculation problem if:

  • You reach your climax or ejaculate within 2 minutes after the start of intercourse
  • You are unable to sexually fulfill your female partner more than half the times you have sex together.
  • Your lack of stamina in bed is causing problems to you or your partner, or the both of you.

If one or more of the above is true for you, then first thing that you need to understand, is that premature ejaculation is not something to be embarrassed about or something that should dictate and dominate your sex life. Like I said earlier, up to 40 percent of the male population have to deal with this issue.

In other words, you are not alone in this. The sooner you face your problem and decide to do something about it, the faster you will be able to gain premature ejaculation freedom and enjoy sex again.

So, what defines a good Premature Ejaculation treatment?

There is no such thing as an overall best cure for PE. There is however the best PE treatment and cure FOR YOU and you can choose it by applying the following 2 criteria:

  1. The treatment for delayed ejaculation should provide you with a PERMANENT cure instead of just a short-term solution
  2. The treatment should be natural and not based on drugs and other premature ejaculation products such as pills and gels.

So, let’s take a look at some of the most popular and widespread “cures” for premature ejaculation and see just how effective they are and whether they provide you with a permanent solution for your problem or not.

1.  Anti-depressants – Drugs like Prozac and Paxil have been available for years on the market and they are often recommended by doctors to men having premature ejaculation issues. While they are certainly not completely ineffective or useless, they do have some pretty nasty side-effects: they can cause loss of libido or even difficulty in ejaculating.

You also need to consume these pills or drugs on a daily basis and they won’t do anything at all for you if you happen to take them right before having sex. If you are thinking of giving anti-depressants a go, make sure to consult a doctor first.

2.  Numbing agents such as creams, lotions and sprays – These are popular solutions among men suffering from PE. They can be pretty effective, but their effects are short lived and they under no circumstances provide the user with a permanent premature ejaculation solution.

They can come in pretty handy if you need some extra endurance and stamina in bed, really fast but using those numbing agents can lower the sensations, and by extension the pleasure, that both you and your partner will experience during sex.

3.  Naturally “re-program” your ejaculatory response – This is a permanent premature ejaculation treatment that effectively addresses and solves one of the the root causes of premature ejaculation.

It basically consists of a natural and time-tested training routines that will condition your body in order to enable it to withstand sexual stimulation and prolong ejaculation. The results will not be seen or felt immediately, but after just a few days or weeks of this treatment and exercises, men last longer in bed.

About the Author

Lloyd Lester has written the famous and very successful book “Ejaculation By Command“, which is a very detailed guide on how to end premature ejaculation once and for all and last longer in bed. Learn more about developing superior sexual endurance and enjoy transformative sex by visiting: Ejaculation By Command