Are you a premature ejaculator? Stop Premature Ejaculation For Good!

By Lloyd Lester, Creator,

how to stop premature ejaculation

While I am certain that most, if not all, men have heard of the term Premature Ejaculation, very few of them know exactly what this problem is and even fewer know how to solve or do something about it. The following article will try to answer some of the most common questions that men have regarding PE and lasting longer between the sheets!

When should a man be considered a “premature ejaculator”?

The rule of thumb is that a man can be classified as a premature ejaculator if he regularly climaxes within the very first minute of sexual intercourse. In fact, a lot of men who are classified as premature ejaculators, routinely ejaculate as soon as they penetrate their female partner’s vagina, either during their very first  inward thrust, the first outward stroke or withing just a couple of strokes. If however a man ejaculates several minutes after vaginal penetration has occurred, then he is not suffering from PE and he just needs to improve his sexual stamina a bit.

So, how long should a man last during sex? Well, ideally, he should last as long as it takes for his female partner to come to an orgasm. This usually takes around 5 minutes, but it can also take up to 15 minutes! This means that a an should be able to last at least 5 minutes in bed. Anymore than that is welcome of course, but less than that is problematic. The main reason why women feel unfulfilled by their men, is the fact that they ejaculate before they come to an orgasm.

So are there any ways to beat PE and satisfy my partner?

Well yes, in fact there is a very wide variety of them! Some men like to use certain desensitizing products, like creams, sprays and gels that temporarily reduce the sensation in their genitals, thus keeping orgasm and ejaculation at bay.  These products however are nothing more than “band-aid” solutions, which means that they can temporarily boost your stamina, but they can’t and won’t  permanently fix your PE problem.

A great and completely natural way to stop pre ejaculation is to FIRST focus exclusively on pleasuring your female partner and fulfilling all of her sexual needs. This will essentially allow you to make her come to an orgasm faster, which means that you won’t have to last for 15 minutes in order to completely satisfy her. Simply put, the more arouse a woman is before intercourse, the quicker she will come to an orgasm and the less time you will have to last.

Finally, you should always remember that your penis is perhaps the worst “tool” to provide sexual pleasure to a woman with, so refrain from using it until you absolutely have to. Shift your focus on proper foreplay, oral sex and playful teasing! These will definitely arouse the woman and help her come to an orgasm really soon.


The bottom line is this…

If you want to permanently fix your premature ejaculation problem, then the key is to learn how to sexually satisfy and arouse your partner WITHOUT using your penis. Find out what she likes and use your tongue and fingers to get her aroused before you start intercourse with her.

About the author:

Lloyd Lester is the creator of “Ejaculation By Command“, an extremely detailed and complete guide that has helped thousands of men to completely their premature ejaculation problems and improve their lasting power in bed. If you too would like to learn how to develop superior sexual endurance and enjoy transformative sex, then visit: Ejaculation By Command.