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Four Kama Sutra sex positions that you can try tonight!

And a special one that will rock your world! When someone hears the words ‘kama sutra’, the first thing that pops into his or her mind is sex and unusual sexual positions. In fact, a [...]

Five simple tips for giving the best clitoral orgasms

The absolute guide to clitoral orgasms! If happen to be a man who is used to only giving women vaginal orgasms only, you may find the very idea of giving clitoral orgasms really hard and [...]

Everything you wanted to know about the G-Spot and G-Spot orgasm

Do not be afraid to ask about the G-Spot orgasm! The G-Spot is an erogenous zone that allegedly exists inside the vagina and some women and sexual expertos alike claim that it can provide really intense orgasms [...]

How to be better in foreplay and last longer during oral sex!

Don’t ever worry about cumming during oral sex! Wouldn’t it be very embarrassing if you climaxed and ejaculated while while receiving oral sex from your woman? It may have the word sex in its title, [...]

Do you know what the average male stamina is or how to build it?

The answer will shock you! Premature ejaculation is one of the most common problems that men face in bed, it is also one of the most embarrassing and frustrating. A lot of men however consider [...]

How to provide your partner with an orgasm: discover the clitoris!

A simple guide to find the clitoris! It goes without saying that the whole point of sex is to provide your partner with an orgasm. When it comes to men, this is easily achieved since all [...]