2 Strategies that will make Your Sexual Stamina skyrocket!

By Lloyd Lester, Creator, EjaculationByCommand.com

how to build staminaThere is nothing better for a man’s confidence and ego that knowing that he is able to last as long as he wants during sex, thus providing his partners with great amounts of pleasure and leaving them wanting more.

The cruel truth however is that men are genetically predisposed to try to ejaculate as quickly as possible when they are having sex with a woman, because reproduction is more important than pleasure, as far as Mother Nature is concerned.

That doesn’t mean however that sex has to always be as quick as possible and that there’s nothing you can do about that!

The truth is that sexual stamina for men can increase and decrease, which means that problems like premature ejaculation CAN be overcome, and are more like temporary setbacks rather than life defining, incurable illnesses.

In fact, you can stop premature ejaculations once and for all and vastly improve your sexual prowess, without having to take any pills or use gels or sprays that claim to be able to instantly enhance your staying power, while the best they can do is provide you with a very temporary boost.

If you would like to last as long as you like in bed and ensure that your partners will always be satisfied, just follow the following simple, premature ejaculation advice.

Strategy #1: Plan ahead!

I think you know that it is virtually impossible to achieve a second ejaculation within an hour or two since the last one you had. Well, you can use that refractory period to your advantage!

If you are planning to make out with your partner and not have sex with her immediately, then ejaculate via masturbation a few hours before your date or the time you think you will be having sex with her.

This will effectively reduce the sensitivity of your penis glans to sexual stimulation and arousal, and it will essentially allow you to control exactly when you will reach your climax. This actually does require some careful planning but if executed correctly, it will pay off in a huge way and it help you greatly as far as last longer during sex is concerned!

Strategy #2: “Cognitive Re-positioning”

Reconsider and recalibrate the way your mind works and thinks when you make love to a woman. Certain cues provided by your mind, are very important in determining how long you can last in bed and when you will ejaculate. You see, it is not uncommon for men to experience at least some degree of performance anxiety when they lie in bed with a woman and they are about to start having sex.

They fear that they will not last long, which will disappoint and frustrate their partners. Essentially, they are setting themselves uo for failure or they are creating a self fulfilling prophecy.

So instead of worrying about how long you will last, you should shift your focus from”genital-centric” sex to sensual sex that explores the woman’s entire body and arouses all her erogenous zones. Don’t just depend on your penis to provide pleasure to your woman, use your fingers and your tongue too.

Try to establish a strong emotional connection with her and engage in lengthy foreplay before you move to intercourse. This will give you a LOT more confidence in bed and it will also help you keep premature ejaculation at bay!

About the author:

Lloyd Lester is the man behind”Ejaculation By Command“, a complete and very detailed blueprint that has been specially designed to help men deal with their premature ejaculation once and for all and improve their sexual stamina. You can learn more about this method and how to improve your sex life, by visiting: Ejaculation By Command.