Sexual performance anxiety causes premature ejaculation?

how do you make yourself last longer in bedAccording to recent studies, seven out of ten men have experienced a premature ejaculation problem and sexual performance anxiety at some point in their lives.

As you can probably tell, early ejaculation is by far the most common problem that men face in bed. Despite the fact that it is really widespread though, what causes it isn’t exactly clear.

While pretty much all scientists agree that it is caused by a “lethal” combination of psychological and physical factors, they tend to disagree on whether the psychological or the physical causes of premature ejaculation are more important.

What all scientists agree on though, is the fact that sexual performance anxiety is one of the most common and most important causes of early ejaculation, as well as other problems that men may face in bed. Why is that though? Let’s take a detailed look:

How can stress cause premature ejaculation?

As I am sure you will have noticed, once one is done having sex, he or she feels very calm and relaxed. This is because sex is one of the methods, perhaps the most effective, that our bodies and minds use in order to get rid of stress and relax.

If one starts having sex while being stress out, whether it is work related stress or male performance anxiety, his body will do anything in its power to get rid of this sexual performance anxiety as quickly as possible, which means that the brain will give the “ejaculation command” really quickly. In other words, the more stressed you are while having sex, the faster you will reach your climax and ejaculate.

Can all forms of stress cause premature ejaculation?

The answer to that question is a definite “YES”! Most men think that the only type of stress they need to worry about during sex is performance anxiety, i.e. worrying about not being able to sexually satisfy their partner, but that is only partly true.

While male performance anxiety is definitely one of the most important causes of premature ejaculation, stress that relates to one’s job or everyday life, is just as important and “destructive”. To put it simply, your mind doesn’t care about the causes of your stress: if you are stressed and full of anxiety, it will do everything it can to expel those negative feelings as fast as possible.

So what can I do as far as stress and lasting longer in bed are concerned?

Well the obvious answer is to get rid of your stress before you start having sex. You can do that by doing something that relaxes you before you have sex. You can also focus on your partner while having sex. Forget everything else and focus on the naked woman on your bed. If you worry about your sexual performance, try to create a relaxed and fun mood with your partner before you start having sex.

The more comfortable you feel with her, the more you will be able to delay your ejaculation. If you do happen to experience a premature ejaculation, just shrug it off or even joke about it with your partner. DON’T MAKE A BIG DEAL OUT OF IT! If you don’t worry about early ejaculation, then your mind and body won’t be filled with sexual performance anxiety over it.

As you can probably tell, premature ejaculation and its prevention is a very complicated issue and articles can only touch on a few very specific aspects of it. For more information on what causes early ejaculation and how to prevent it, check out Ejaculation Trainer and Ejaculation by Command. Those are the two best books on the the subject of premature ejaculation and how to last longer in bed in general and they have helped men all over the world understand and solve their sexual stamina problems.