Find the most common reasons for premature ejaculation!

stop premature ejaculationYou may not know it, but more than half the men on the planet are experiencing or have at some point in their lives experienced pe. But most men have no or little idea of the reasons for premature ejaculation!

As you can probably tell, it is by far the most common problem that a man can expect to face in the bedroom.

What is pretty shocking though, is the fact that men and women in general know very little about this problem and its causes.

A lot of men think that there is something wrong with them that’s causing them to ejaculate too early, something that can’t be easily fixed, or at all. Some women even think that it’s them one of the reasons for premature ejaculation.

Well the truth is that pretty much both those theories are incorrect. There are two main causes for premature ejaculation: psychological reasons and physical reasons.

Psychological reasons for premature ejaculation

Stress and anxiety can have disastrous effects to a man’s health and it can do the same for his sexual performance and stamina in bed. Nine out of ten men that face premature ejaculation problems do so due to psychological reasons such as work related stress and performance anxiety.

Performance anxiety is by far the sneakiest and nastiest of the two since it creates a vicious circle: a man starts to worry about not performing adequately in bed and lost lasting long enough to satisfy his partner and his mind and body do their best to fulfill those fears and worries.

Men facing premature ejaculation problems caused by psychological reasons will probably overcome their issues with some adjustments in their everyday lives and some antidepressants. In most cases, all they need to do is let themselves go and enjoy the moment.

Physical reasons for premature ejaculation

Certain health issues and illnesses can actually cause premature ejaculation problems. Those range from simple and easy to treat conditions, such as prostate infections, that can be treated with the right medicine or over the counter antibiotics, to more serious problems that may require some surgery.

In some very rare and extreme cases, sudden premature ejaculation problems may be a simple of certain forms of cancer. Keep in mind that the chances of that are extremely small, but you should still consult with a physician if you think that you are consistently ejaculating too early in order to check whether everything is alright with your “plumbing”.

What you need to remember is that premature ejaculation is always treatable or reversible, except in those rare cases where it is the symptom of cancer, in which case your sexual performance will probably be the last thing in your mind.

However, in order to get the right treatment for your premature ejaculation issue, you will need to determine the reasons for premature ejaculation and the best way to do that is by visiting a doctor.

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