The amazingly Simple 2-Step Strategy to prevention of premature ejaculation

By Lloyd Lester, Creator,

how to avoid premature ejaculation

A lot of men suffer from the very same problem: they come to a climax way too soon during sex and that robs them of a lot of the excitement and pleasure that good sex has to offer. On this article you can find all about prevention of premature ejaculation.

This problem is known as premature ejaculation and thankfully, it can be completely treated. The problem however is that a lot of men try to fix their PE problem the WRONG way and they get frustrated and disappointed by the lack of results.

They get suckered in by companies selling them miracle premature ejaculation remedies that simply don’t work, or have only very short term and temporary effects.

The simple truth is that the best and most effective premature ejaculation solutions, that will have you enjoying sex to the fullest in a relatively short amount of time, are often completely free and natural and the only “price” for them is a little dedication and some of your free time.

In this article about prevention of premature ejaculation, we will have a close and detailed look at a very simple 2-step strategy that will allow you to naturally boost your sexual stamina and deal with early ejaculation once and for all.

Step 1 – “Prolonging the Plateau”

If you want to enjoy sex that lasts and stop ejaculating early, then you will have to learn how to control your arousal. When you find yourself in the Excitement Stage, your breathing will start becoming fasted and your erection will start to develop.

After a few minutes of this, you will move to the next stage, which is known as the Plateau Stage. In that stage your erection becomes full and you become very sensitive and receptive to stimulation.

As your arousal increases, involuntary contractions will start to happen in certain muscles found in your pelvic area and those will soon bring you to the so called “point of no return” (PNR) i.e. the point at which ejaculation is inevitable and impossible to stop or delay.

After you ejaculate, you will reach the Resolution Stage. Your erection will start to lose its stiffness and your breathing and heart rate will return to their normal levels.

If you would like to enhance your stamina in bed, you will need to learn how stay in the Plateau Stage for as long as possible, or until you feel like it’s the right time to ejaculate. In other words, you will need to learn how to hover around the PNR, without crossing it.

Step 2 – “Remove And Replace”

But how do you stay in the Plateau phase without reaching the point of no return too soon? The answer is very simple: by using a technique known as “remove and replace”. It’s really simple: you “remove” yourself from the current state of sexual bliss and ecstasy and you “replace” that feeling with a focus on your partner’s sexual needs.

In other words, you stop penetrating and thrusting your woman’s vagina and you focus on pleasuring other parts of her body with your hands or mouth.

You see most men make the same mistake: they try to climax as fast as possible and so they rush to penetration. Women however, are not like men and they like to become very aroused before they are penetrated. So, if you focus on your partner’s needs every now and then, you will both benefit: you will last longer in bed and she will enjoy a much more fulfilling and pleasant sexual experience.

Don’t let premature ejaculation dictate or ruin your sex life. Just by following those two very simple premature ejaculation tips, you will start to last longer and you will provide your partner with the great and very sensational sex that you know she deserves!

About the author:

Lloyd Lester is the creator of “Ejaculation By Command“, an extremely detailed and complete guide that has helped thousands of men to completely their premature ejaculation problems and improve their lasting power in bed. If you too would like to learn the way to prevention of premature ejaculation and how to develop superior sexual endurance and enjoy transformative sex, then visit: Ejaculation By Command.