Did you know that there are male masturbation techniques that can help you prevent ejaculation?

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how to control early ejaculationEvery single time that a man has ex, the first thing he thinks about is “how can I last longer in bed, prevent ejaculation and provide my partner with even more pleasure and satisfaction?”.

Most men think that the only way to do that is through “artificial means” i.e. the use of drugs and other sexual aids, which not only will cost you a pretty penny, but they can also prove hazardous to one’s health and the health of his partner if used improperly.

The truth however is that there are many natural and completely safe ways of improving your sexual performance and stamina to the point where you won’t have to worry about premature ejaculation.

Believe it or not, one of the most potentially beneficial things as far as lasting longer in bed is concerned, is something that a lot of men do every single day: masturbation!

Now let’s see how masturbation and certain masturbation techniques can help you last longer in bed and prevent ejaculation:

Slow masturbation can override your natural programming!

Did you know that you have been wired by nature to ejaculate as quickly as possible? This is because nature is cold and calculating and only interested in results. As far as Mother Nature is concerned, the only reason why a living being should have sex is to produce offspring, not to have fun, so from an evolutionary standpoint, intercourse should be over as fast possible, which is why men get aroused in a couple of minutes while it takes women at least ten to do the same! Masturbation is essentially simulated sex, so by taking your time when you masturbate, you are essentially overriding nature’s programming and you are making your brain think that sex should be slow and fun, so ejaculation should occur only when it is completely and utterly inevitable.

Masturbation before sex can help you last longer in bed!

You may have noticed that if you masturbate numerous times in the span of a single day, you will need more time to reach your climax with each consecutive session. This is because once you ejaculate, your body needs some time to replace the semen and if you don’t allow it enough timebefore having sex again, it will try to buy as much as it can by delaying masturbation as much as possible. So, try to masturbate at least a couple of hours before you have sex and you will see that reaching your climax while actually having sex, will not be as easy as it was when you masturbated. You can get the same results by masturbating every morning after you wake up.

Slow masturbation helps you understand you arousal cycle!

Apart from helping you override your natural programming, slow masturbation can also help you understand the way your arousal cycle (the process from getting aroused to reaching your climax) works. More importantly, it will allow you to pinpoint your point of no return, or the point of your arousal where ejaculation becomes unstoppable and your body can’t do anything to stop it. By pinpointing your point of no return, you will be able to take small breaks to allow your arousal to drop a couple of notches when you feel like you are getting dangerously close to it. At first that will only buy you a few minutes, but with a little practice, you will become a master at ways to prevent ejaculation and your sexual stamina and staying power will soon skyrocket!

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