Define: premature ejaculator.

how to last longerIt is a more or less well known fact that premature ejaculation is the most common sexual dysfunction for men.

In fact, according to recent studies, more than half the men on the planet have faced that problem at some time in their lives.

The problem however, is the fact that those numbers are based on the following VERY broad definition of premature ejaculation: “Premature ejaculation occurs when a man is regularly ejaculating before his partner is sexually satisfied”.

As you can probably tell, that definition, combined with the numbers mentioned above, has made many men paranoid.

A more precise definition

As you can probably tell, according to the definition mentioned above is very vague and it raises a lot of questions. How often is “regularly”? How can you tell if your partner is sexually satisfied after intercourse? Do you ask her or have her fill out a questionnaire? PE can be a very embarrassing problem and it can affect one’s confidence and well being, so as you can probably tell, coming up with a more precise definition of what constitutes a premature ejaculator, was of the utmost importance and agency.

The symptoms

With that in mind, scientists have come up with a list of symptoms that define premature ejaculation:

  1. Male climax occurring less than two minutes after the start of sexual intercourse.
  2. A man being unable to sexually satisfy his partner more than half the times they have sex.
  3. A man’s sexual performance is causing distress to his partner and the relationship in general.

It’s all about the woman

Now, while this definition is more precise than the first one, it has one thing in common with its predecessor: the key is your partner’s sexual satisfaction. Simply put, as long as your woman is able to reach an orgasm, then you will not be considered or classified as an premature ejaculator even if you can only last a couple of seconds after vaginal penetration!

Your main goal when having sex with a woman, is to get her to the Big O and believe it or not, this can be done more easily and quickly by using other parts of your body, like your tongue and fingers, rather than your penis. In other words, you can make a woman sexually satisfied WAY before you penetrate her, all it takes, is controlling your arousal, upping your sexual game and spicing it up with new techniques.

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