Everywhere men are raving about the premature ejaculation cream.

Are they right?

Thousands or even millions of men all over the world are currently facing premature ejaculation problems, which is why scientists and researchers are constantly coming up with new cures and premature ejaculation treatments all the time. The latest “weapon” on the premature ejaculation cure arsenal are the so called premature ejaculation creams.

medicine for premature ejaculation

What are premature ejaculation creams?

A last longer cream is a specially designed cream that is applied to the erect penis before intercourse starts. It is essentially a mild local anesthetic that will numb your penis a bit, but not completely, in order to reduce the amount of sensations that it is experiencing during intercourse.

This will lead to a significant decrease at the rate at which your arousal is rising, which will in turn delay the arrival to your climax. This is why those new products sometimes have “climax control cream” written on their tubes or boxes.

Pros and Cons of Premature Ejaculation Creams


1. They are effective.

Long story short, they do EXACTLY what is written on their box or tube, as long as you follow the instructions to the letter (more on that later)

2. They act pretty fast.

Contrary to premature ejaculation pills that need to be taken several minutes or even a few hours before sex, a last longer in bed cream will “kick in” almost as soon as it is applied on the penis.


1. The can be a bit TOO effective

If the dosage and application instructions of a cream to last longer in bed are not followed TO THE LETTER, you may take way too long to reach an orgasm and ejaculation or you may not be able to reach one at all! This is because your penis has become more numb and it;s experiencing way less sexually stimulating sensations than it should. In other words, the wrong dosage could simply ruin your night.

2. The effect your partner too.

The biggest side effect of a cream for premature is that it will come in contact with your partner’s genitals and body and it will also numb those areas and reduce the amount of sexual stimulation they are receiving. In other words, those creams will reduce the pleasure that your woman will experience during sex.

3. They are expensive

The more you use a premature ejaculation cream, the more reliant you become on it and the more tubes of it you will need to buy. Those creams usually cost at least 20 dollars per tube and they don’t last very long, so you may have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on those creams each year.

4. They are not a cure

Bottom line is that premature ejaculation, like all premature ejaculation drugs, are just “band aid solutions” as far as PE is concerned and they do absolutely nothing to address or fix the root of the problem. This is great for the pharmaceutical companies, since it means that you will always need their product.

A premature ejaculation cream is a pretty effective, yet very temporary solution for your premature ejaculation. It will help you last longer in bed, but only when you apply it on your penis. If you happen to have sex without any cream at hand, then you will be on your own and your premature ejaculation problem will most probably rear its ugly head and ruin your night.

If you want to solve your PE problem once and for all, you will have to do it naturally and the best natural premature ejaculation cures can be found in Ejaculation By Command and Ejaculation Trainer, the two very best books on the subject of premature ejaculation and increasing your stamina in bed.