Read our reviews of sexual stamina improvement guides and permanently make sex last longer

how to improve staminaI think that most, if not all men, will agree that, excluding impotence, premature ejaculation is the worst problem that a man can face in bed. But how does one define premature ejaculation? Read the Premature Ejaculation Reviews and find what you need.

Well, it is the lack of ability to sexually satisfy you and your sexual partner, because you ejaculate quickly.

This can of course have a very severe impact on a man’s psychology. It can make him feel like half a man and it can even put him off sex altogether.

The bad news is that premature ejaculation and cumming too fast in general, is way more common than what you may think to imagine.

In fact, according to a recent study, more than half the men on the planet have experienced or are experiencing rapid ejaculation problems.

The good news, is that this problem is, in pretty much all cases, totally reversible. This means that lasting longer in bed is only a matter of choosing the right premature ejaculation treatment, that however, can be a little problematic…

You see, most men want to last longer in bed (according to the study mentioned above, even men who don’t consider themselves premature ejaculators would like to improve their sexual stamina, because they think that it is lacking), which means that there is a very wide variety of products out there, ranging from gels to pills, that claim to be able to help beat premature ejaculation.

Some of them may be pretty effective, but they can only offer temporary solutions. They can help you with lasting longer in bed for a sexual encounter or two, but they will do nothing as far as allowing you to control premature ejaculation goes.

So does that mean that there is no complete cure for premature ejaculation? Of course not! You see PE problems are usually more of a psychological nature instead of a medical one and they sometimes are a symptom of a man’s bad lifestyle and habits.

This means that men who ejaculate quickly, do so for a variety of reasons that are unique to each of them. In other words, there is no one way or drug to make sex last longer. Each man needs to find and pick the right cure for his case and this is where we come in!

how to cure premature ejaculation

We hate seeing men waste their money on “miracle” drugs and cures that claim to be able to stop premature ejaculation problems practically overnight. We have searched through the web and found the most effective methods for completely overcoming premature ejaculation once and for all.

These methods won’t require you to buy any drugs or other products and through a series of exercises and tips, they will help you avoid premature ejaculation by:

  • Changing the way you view sex and premature ejaculation.
  • Reprogramming your genetic programming.
  • Helping you get rid of bad habits that are directly connected with coming too soon.
  • Strengthening your Pubococcygeus muscle.
  • Teaching you how to achieve delayed ejaculation by focusing on pleasuring your partner.
  • Helping you pick the right sex positions that will provide you with the best climax and orgasm control.

And many more…

In short, the guides we selected to review will not only help you beat premature ejaculation, they will also help you become a better lover overall. In short, your partner, whether it is your partner, girlfriend or even a woman you picked up at a bar for a one night stand, will not be able to get enough of you!

  • WARNING ! ! !

You should consult a doctor before starting any premature ejaculation treatment. The causes of premature ejaculation may be psychosomatic 9.9 out of ten times, however there is a small chance that your PE problem may be the symptom of a serious health condition.

On the other hand, there is also the chance that it may be caused by something as easy and quick to treat and cure as a simple prostate infection. In any case, it is better to be safe than sorry!