How to overcome your performance anxiety and beat the premature ejaculation reasons!

ejaculation control techniquesYou may know that premature ejaculation is the most common problem that men face in bed, but I bet that don’t know, is that most premature ejaculation reasons are actually of a psychological, rather than a physical nature. Get to know how to beat the premature ejaculation reasons.

In fact, one of the most common reasons why a man may experience a quick ejaculation, is performance anxiety.

Simply put, performance anxiety is worrying too much about your sexual performance and whether you will be able to live up to the standards and expectations of your partner, or that your sexual skills are simply not enough to satisfy her.

In other words, if you would like to increase your staying power in bed and avoid premature ejaculation, you will need to learn how to manage and deal with your performance anxiety.

Luckily, performance anxiety is something that you can very easily overcome, so, if you would like to know how to last longer in bed and get over the premature ejaculation reasons, all you have to do is follow those simple tips:

  • Change your self image

As you probably guessed by reading the previous paragraph, what the mind thinks the body does. If you think that you are confident about your sexual performance and you simply don’t think or worry about it, your will be able to control your ejaculation and you won’t have to worry about experiencing the dreaded premature ejaculation embarrassment.

In other words, if you think that you can last as long as you want in bed, your body will make sure that this will happen.

  • Don’t worry, be happy!

So what if you came too early once or twice? Your life doesn’t end because of premature ejaculation, besides, it’s something extremely common and natural. Don’t apologize if you cum too early, just take it in stride and enjoy the rest of your sexual encounter. If you don’t make a big deal out of it, then your mind won’t worry about it, which will effectively kill your performance anxiety problem.

  • Frankie says: Relax!

Be as relaxed as possible during sex. Just empty your mind, let the moment and the passion take you over and simply go with the flow. There are certain breathing exercises that you can do before a sexual encounter that will help you relax and effectively overcome performance anxiety.

  • Focus on her

By focusing on arousing your female partner as much as possible before penetration, you lower the amount of time necessary to make her reach her climax, which means that you won’t actually have to last long in order to make her have an orgasm. Better yet, by arousing as many of her erogenous zones as possible, you can even make her have an orgasm BEFORE penetration, which will make the amount of time you need to last practically irrelevant.

  • Last but not least: SMILE!

I know that this sounds cheesy as hell, but when you smile your mind, and by extension your body, thinks that everything is alright and there is no need to be anxious or worry about anything.

So, there you go, those are some of the best tips about overcoming performance anxiety and the premature ejaculation reasons. If you would like to learn more secrets and techniques about improving your sexual performance and how to last longer in bed, then check out Ejaculation Trainer and Ejaculation By Command, two of the very best books on the subject!