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how to prolong ejaculationWhat exactly is a premature ejaculation problem? Well, the answer greatly varies and it depends on who you ask.

The most common definition of Premature Ejaculation however, is consistently ejaculating before you manage to sexually fulfill and pleasure your partner.

In other words, there is no set time limit that you have to be able to reach in order to not be classified as a premature ejaculator.

Pre ejaculation is a much more common problem than you may believe, in fact, it is estimated that more than one in three men are afflicted with this sexual dysfunction. That number might actually be higher, since a lot of men don’t want to openly talk about this problem, since they feel too embarrassed by it.

What are the symptoms of premature ejaculation?

A Premature ejaculation problem fall into two categories: the first is lifelong problems (primary) and the second is acquired problems. The former category consists of premature ejaculations that occur within one minute following intercourse and it can cause a severe lack of confidence in bed and in some extreme cases, it can actually put some men off sex altogether.

On the other hand, premature ejaculations that fall in the secondary category are those that consistently occur before both the man and his partner wish that it happens. Guys who are experiencing secondary PE usually have enjoyed fulfilling sexual relationships in the past while those suffering from primary PE probably haven’t.

Are you at risk?

There are some men who are at higher risks of developing premature ejaculation problems than others. Those are men who are suffering from some form of erectile dysfunction. The problem is that men who have problems with getting and maintaining an erection often try to get through sex as quickly as possible because they are afraid that they might lose their erections.

One of the biggest contributors to early ejaculation is stress and emotional strain in general. The most common premature ejaculation causes are usually of a psychosomatic nature. So men who experience large amounts of stress in their lives, are more likely to ejaculate early during sex than men leading more relaxed lifestyles.

Do I  need to see a doctor?

If you think that your inability to last long in bed is causing great distress to you and your partner and your relationship, it is recommended that you seek the help of a doctor that specializes in male sexual problems and dysfunctions. He will provide you with the most suitable premature ejaculation cure for you to overcome your premature ejaculation problem more effectively.

In some cases, the doctor might even tell you that you are not actually suffering from PE! You see, as long as you are able to satisfy your partner in bed, how long you can last during sex is not that important.

  • Overcoming premature ejaculation

There are many different premature ejaculation treatments out there, so you have to make sure that the one that you choose is the best for your condition and the reasons that cause your PE issues.

Some of the most popular treatments include natural sexual therapy and conditioning, as well as premature ejaculation exercises that will help you reprogram your ejaculatory triggers and habits.

There are also some premature ejaculation products that you can use, like anti-depressants or topical anesthetic creams or sprays, but their effects are temporary at best and they won’t do anything to permanently fix premature ejaculation problem. .

What you need to take away from this article, is that premature ejaculation is something very common and it’s definitely not something permanent. If you you find out what causes your premature ejaculations, you will also be able to use the appropriate solutions and cures in order to permanently fix it and enjoy long-lasting sex!

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