You should not prefer drugs like premature ejaculation gel over natural premature ejaculation treatment

premature ejaculation gelPremature ejaculation is a very embarrassing and frustrating problem, which means that people affected by it want to get rid of it as fast as possible.

Natural premature ejaculation is very effective, but it takes some time and effort in order for it to produce and tangible results, which is why a lot of men choose an “artificial” treatment for PE.

When it comes to making sex last longer, the so called premature ejaculation gel is one of the most popular solutions.

Many men claim that it can do wonders as far as preventing premature ejaculation goes and it can help a man delay his ejaculation for several minutes, making him last as long as a porn star.

While it is true that this gel is an answer to the question “how to help premature ejaculation?”, unfortunately, not only is it not the best premature ejaculation, but it can also end up doing more harm than good.

Here’s why you should clear of those premature ejaculation gels and creams:

They ruin the pleasure of sex

A premature ejaculation gel is in essence a local anesthetic, rich in benzocaine and lidocaine, two of the most famous local anesthetics that are used to numb areas of the body and skin before they receive stitches or small incisions.

The reason they can help with PE is that they make the penis numb, thus reducing the sensations it experiences during sex and slowing down the rate at which your arousal escalates. The more it takes you to reach the “point of no return” of your arousal, the more time it will take you to ejaculate. In other words, you are exchanging quality for quantity.

You will be making sex last longer, but you will feel very little, if any at all, of the pleasure that sex provides men. Isn’t intense pleasure the point of having sex in the first place? Why swap it for a couple of extra minutes of thrusting?

Using them is a painful trial and error process

Most men think that all they need to do in order to last longer with a premature ejaculation gel is pick up a tube and smear the gel all over their penis. Well, it’s actually A LOT more complicated than that! You need to find a very precises “sweet spot” regarding the quantity of gel you use in order to see any results.

Use too little and you will experience an early ejaculation, use too much, and you won’t be able to ejaculate AT ALL! Heck, you won’t be able to feel your penis for several minutes! It can take a lot of efforts to find that sweet spot and you might end up testing your partner’s patience, especially if you consider the next con:

It also numbs your partner!

Since the gel is applied to the penis, it will also affect any areas of your partner’s body that your penis comes in contact with. In other words, you will be making her feel numb everywhere you touch her with your penis. This means that sex will be unpleasant or not quite as pleasant as it used to be for both of you…

It can get you addicted

Well you won’t become a junkie per se, but the more you use that gel, the more your mind and body will be relying on it. Use it too often and you might yourself unable to last for more than a couple of seconds without it!

A premature ejaculation gel may be a quick way of temporarily overcoming a premature ejaculation problem, but it is by no means the best premature ejaculation treatment. If you wanna try it out for a couple of sexual encounters it will probably be fine, but just keep in mind all its drawbacks, some of which are pretty serious.

If you want a permanent solution however, then a natural premature ejaculation treatment is your best option. The best ways to naturally get rid of premature ejaculation can be found in Ejaculation by Command and Ejaculation Trainer, the two very best guides on overcoming PE.