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The main Causes of Premature Ejaculation!

Causes of premature ejaculation

Recent studies have shown that seven out of every ten men have at some point in their lives faced a premature ejaculation problem, or they are currently facing one. Read the rest of this article to find the causes of Premature Ejaculation

With that in mind, I think it is perfectly safe to say that early ejaculation is the most common problem that men have to deal with in bed, with the second being erectile dysfunction, which usually only affects people over the age of sixty.

So, If you are one of the many men who ejaculate early or earlier than they would like to, don’t worry because I have some very good news for you: Premature Ejaculation can be cured and completely reversed!

That’s right: premature ejaculation is not permanent, nor is it the end of the world or your sex life!

When it comes to curing premature ejaculation however, there is a very small catch: in order to choose the right and most effective cure, one must first discover WHY he is facing that problem in the first place! There are many premature ejaculation causes, most of them are of a psychological nature, while some are of a medical or physical nature.

So, in order to pick the right cure or treatment for your problem, you first have to find out its cause. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the most famous and common reasons and causes of premature ejaculation and other ejaculatory problems.

1. Sexual performance anxiety

Sexual performance anxiety is perhaps the most common answer to the question “what causes premature ejaculation?”. Simply put, if you don’t have confidence in your sexual skills and you worry about not satisfying your partner, then your mind and body will conspire to make this fear come true. This happens for a very simple reason: whatever the mind thinks, the body realizes!

2. Natural programming

What you may not know, is the fact that all males are programmed by nature to ejaculate as quickly as possible when they are having penetrative sex with a female. The reason for that is simply: efficiency! You see as far Nature is concerned, sex is meant only for procreation, the fact that it’s also very fun and pleasant, is just a bonus.

In other words, our brains and bodies are genetically hardwired for fast ejaculations and that’s one of the most important premature ejaculation causes. The good news is that this programming can actually be overridden. The bad news is that it can also be reinforced…

3. Low self esteem

This is kinda similar to sexual performance anxiety. Some men have really low self esteem, so they feel extremely lucky every time they get to have sex with a girl. All this excitement that they feel and the fact that they think that this something like a once in a lifetime opportunity, causes them to ejaculate really fast. In other words, their mind thinks something along the lines of “I’d better cum before she changes her mind”. So, sometimes, all it take to cure PE is just realizing that sex is no big deal and having a better self image.

4. Overly sensitive penis

Some recent studies have shown that men being affected by premature ejaculation, usually have high penile sensitivity. This means that their penises are more sensitive to the various sensations and feelings that they experience during sex. This problem can be easily solved by using the right condoms.

5. Wrong masturbation habits

Don’t worry, those old wives tales aren’t true: masturbation won’t make your hair fall off or make you go blind, but the wrong masturbation habits can cause an early ejaculation or make worse an already existing one. Remember when I said that nature’s programmimg regarding when ejaculation can occur can be reinforced?

Well, short masturbating sessions, i.e. trying to ejaculate as quickly as possible when masturbating, will actually reinforce nature’s programming and it is one of the most common reasons for premature ejaculation. It might be time to change your masturbation habits…

6. Stress and anxiety

Stress and premature ejaculation go hand in hand. The more stressed you are while having sex, whether it is about your job, your bills or your relationship, the earlier you will ejaculate. This is because sex and ejaculation is a great way for your body to dump all the stress it’s experiencing. The more the stress and the anxiety, the quicker your body will want to get rid of it.

7. Medical reasons

In some cases, premature ejaculation can be a symptom of a medical condition. Usually those are minor and not dangerous conditions, such as prostate or urinary tract infections that can be solved with antibiotics. It can also be caused by phimosis, which is also responsible for some forms of erectile dysfunction. In this case it can be solved with steroid creams or circumcision.

In some extremely rare cases, premature ejaculation can be a symptom of some forms of cancer, such as prostate cancer. It is highly advised that you visit a doctor if you think that you have an early ejaculation problem, in order to determine your cause of premature ejaculation is medical or psychological in nature and come up with a plan or course of action for its cure.

8. Weak pelvic muscles

Erection and ejaculation are controlled by your pelvic muscles. If those muscles aren’t strong enough, you will have trouble with getting strong erections and controlling when you ejaculate. If you want to be able to last longer in bed, you will have to make those muscles stronger. Thankfully, thanks to the famous Kegel exercises, this is very easy.

As you can probably tell, this is just an overview of the most common reasons for premature ejaculation. For more information on what causes premature ejaculation, how to overcome it and how to last longer in bed, check out the following articles, or read the books Ejaculation By Command and Ejaculation trainer!