Poor pelvic floor muscles balance can cause problems with ejaculation!

pelvic floor exercises for men.If there is one thing that every man wishes he was able to do, regarding his sexual performance, that would be ejaculation control.

By that I mean being ro able to decide when HE wants to ejaculate, instead of letting his brain and his body take care of that for him.

You see, if a man ejaculates earlier than he wishes to, then we can safely say that he has a premature ejaculation problem, on the other hand, if it takes too long for his ejaculation to occur, then a man also has a problem, since his sexual encounters will be exhausting for both him and his partner as well.

So, how can one improve his ejaculation control? Well, in most cases a man can gain better control over his ejaculation through therapy and behavioral correction, since ejaculation problems are usually caused by psychological issues.

There is however a chance that his lack of control over his ejaculation might be due to physiological problems, the most common of which being poor pelvic floor balance.

What is pelvic floor balance?

The pelvic floor muscles or Kegel muscles (officially known as Pubococcygeus muscles) are a group of muscles situated near the anus which actually control the flow of urine and when ejaculation will occur. They control ejaculation by producing involuntary contractions and spasms once a man starts to get sexually aroused.

Those spasms help the man reach orgasma and they force the semen and ejaculate out of his body once he climaxes. If the Kegel muscles are too weak, then the spasms will be too strong and too frequent, which will lead to premature ejaculation, if they are too strong on the other hand, the spasms will be weaker and the will occur less often, which will dramatically increase the time and effort needed for a man to reach his climax and ejaculate.

In fact, in some extreme cases ejaculation might be impossible. Pelvic floor balance is the sweet spot in which the Kegel muscles are neither too strong, neither too weak.

How can I tell if I have pelvic floor balance?

Here’s a symptom of symptoms indicating poor pelvic floor balance:

1. Premature ejaculation can be a symptom of weak pelvic floor muscles.

2. Delayed ejaculation can occur if the pelvic floor muscles are so strong that they no longer contract and spasm on their own

3. Weak erections can be a result of poor pelvic floor balance

4. Loss of libido is also a symptom of men with weak pelvic floor or Kegel muscles.

5. Uncontrollable or involuntary kegels muscle contractions and spasms

6. Incontinence is also a sign of the pelvic floor muscles being too weak

7. Difficulty urinating and defecating can happen when the pelvic muscles are too strong.

8. Pain during urination or erection, in which case you should consult your doctor immediately.

9. A condition known as hard flaccid, in which the penis is hard (but not erect) even when it should be flaccid because of lack of sexual stimulation.

Signs of pelvic floor balance

  • You’re able to maintain a natural neutral state with no signs of “hard flaccid”.
  • You can sexually stimulate yourself without experiencing any uncontrollable kegel muscle spasms.
  • You can choose when to let involuntary kegel spasms and contractions occur, or you are able to stop them when they occur on their own.
  • You can last as long as you want (provided that you are in a relaxed and stress free psychological and mental state)
  • No incontinence
  • No difficulties while urinating or defecating
  • Healthy libido

How can I restore pelvic floor balance?

Pelvic floor balance can easily be restored with the right pelvic floor exercises for men, or by making a few adjustments to your already existing Kegels workout program. Traditional Kegel exercises will make your pelvic muscles stronger, while some exercises called reverse Kegels, will actually help them loosen up a bit.

Your Kegels workout should be balanced, which means that it should contain both Kegels and reverse Kegels exercises. If there is balance in your pelvic floor, the ration of Kegels to Reverse Kegels should be 50:50. If your pelvic floor muscles are weak, then the ration should be 60:40 or 70:30, depending on how weak they are. If on the other hand they are too strong and tight, then it should be 40:60 or 30:70.

For more on ejaculation control and pelvic floor balance, you should check out Ejaculation By Command and Ejaculation Trainer. Those are the two best books on the subject of ejaculation control and improving sexual stamina in men and they have helped thousands of men overcome their PE problems and become better lovers.