Did you know that with pc muscle exercises you can overcome sexual dysfunction?

how to do kegel exercises for menMen and women alike think they know everything about sex, but there is one fact that pretty much all of them ignore: the pelvic floor muscles are essential for healthy sexual function and encounters.

In other words, if you want everything to be always “A-OK” in the bedroom, you need to take good care of those muscles and make sure that they are strong and toned.

According to many recent studies, sexual dysfunction and the male pelvic floor are directly connected. In other words, having weak or chronically tense pelvic floor muscles, can cause many problems with your sexual function and even cause severe pain and dysfunctions in the genital even when you are not having sex.

The most important sexual dysfunctions caused by problems with the pelvic floor muscles, are the following:

Erectile dysfunction

Contrary to premature ejaculation which is mostly caused by psychological reasons, erectile dysfunction is almost always caused by physiological factors. In order for an erection to happen, there needs to be sufficient flow of blood to the penis, which in turn will be trapped then, making the penis hard and erect.

The pelvic floor muscles are essential to this process and if they are weak, they are not able to keep the blood that has been “trapped” in the penis from “escaping”, leading to a loss of erection. Pelvic floor strengthening exercises like the famous Kegels exercises, have helped a lot of people deal with Erectile Dysfunction.

Premature ejaculation

According to experts, premature ejaculation is mostly caused by psychological factors, such as stress and anxiety, however a weak pelvic floor can also cause loss of ejaculation control. A man with strong pelvic floor muscles will be able to stop his ejaculation from occurring, pretty much the same way that he would be able to stop his urine mid stream while urinating.

In other words, climax control for men is heavily dependant on strong pelvic floor muscles. Again, pc muscle exercises, have helped millions of men to stop ejaculation too early.

Pain during ejaculation

Some men with pelvic floor muscle problems may also experience pain while ejaculating. Most of them usually think that there is something wrong with their semen and ejaculate, which is causing to become a bit caustic.

What is more likely however, is that their pelvic floor is too tense, which means that their muscles are contracting when they shouldn’t be and this causes those feelings of pain and discomfort during ejaculation. Relaxation pc muscle exercises known as Reverse Kegels will help most men deal with their painful ejaculations.

Pain in the penis and scrotum area

Another symptom of chronically tense pelvic floor is pain in the penis and the entire scrotum area, even when not having sex. Most people usually think that those pains are the result of an infection, despite the fact that they are not accompanied by other symptoms like inflammation and itching.

So, if you experience sudden attacks of pain in your penis and scrotum that persist for the duration of the day and you don’t experience any symptoms other than this pain, then the cause of your pain is a very tense pelvic floor which again caused the pelvic muscles to contract when they should be loose.

Those unnecessary contractions are what’s causing this pain. Again, pelvic floor muscle relaxation exercises such as reverse Kegels will help deal with that.

Male Dyspareunia

Dyspareunia is a fancy way of saying “painful sex” and it is mostly associated with women, however it has recently started being used for sexual relationships between homosexual males. A man who receives anal sex, can sometimes experience severe pain and discomfort.

This is again caused by having a very tight pelvic floor, which won’t allow the pelvic muscles to relax when they should. In fact, according to recent studies, not being able to relax the pelvic muscles is akin to having an erectile dysfunction for a man who enjoys receiving anal sex. Again, reverse kegels is probably the best way to deal with this problem.

As you can see there is a very strong connection between sexual dysfunction and the male pelvic floor, which means that in order to have healthy sex and not experience any of those problems, you will need to make sure that your pelvic floor muscles are always as tense and strong as they need to be and the best way to do that, is with Kegels and Reverse Kegels exercises and “workouts”.

For more on climax control for men and increasing sexual stamina in general, you should check out Ejaculation By Command and Ejaculation Trainer. Those are the two best guides on the subject of preventing meng from ejaculatin too early, and they have helped thousands of men all over the world deal with their premature ejaculation problems and lack of sexual stamina in general.