2 secret and Powerful Techniques that will make your stamina skyrocket!

By Lloyd Lester, Creator, EjaculationByCommand.com

how to increase stamina in bed

I think that all men can agree that there is nothing more embarrassing or frustrating than ejaculating too early during sex, since it leaves the man feeling like he did not fully satisfy his woman and that he disappointed her.

The good news is that stopping premature ejaculation even when you are in the throes of passion and ecstasy is pretty easy if you know what to do.

In this article, we will take a look at two powerful techniques that have helped men last longer during sex.

Technique #1 – Control your breathing

When you are having sex, there isn’t much that you can do in order to control your heartbeat or sweating, but you can very easily control the rate at which you are breathing and the rhythm of your breaths.

The next time you will be having sex, try to notice how frequent and how deep or shallow your breaths are during intercourse. Try to distinguish the differences in your breathing patterns during the various different stages of your arousal and intercourse.

If you want to control your arousal and hold back your ejaculation, your breaths must be slow, deep and deliberate. Furthermore, by noticing your breathing rate during each state of your arousal, you will be able to easily tell whether you are close to ejaculation or not and this will allow you to adjust your movements accordingly.

Technique #2 – Be aware of the tension in your muscles

There are two very important and crucial ways that tension can affect your performance in bed:

  • Mental anxiety: This may result in severely reduced sexual stamina and premature ejaculations.
  • Using the wrong Techniques: Some of the sexual techniques and positions you are practicing during intercourse, may be directly ir indirectly responsible for your premature ejaculation problems.

So, as you can probably tell, noticing the various different levels of tension that you experience during intercourse is of the utmost importance. IT is very important, for example, to notice which muscles are being clenched during different stages of arousal. Also very important is being able to precisely pinpoint which muscles are being used when your arousal reaches a plateau.

Try and notice the exact moment during intercourse when you clench the muscles on your lower back, your thighs and the muscles on your arm. You should also try to notice any tightening that might be occurring on your chest muscles or any other major muscle group, for that matter. Try to find out how the tension in your body changes when you change positions during sex. This will not only allow you to maintain your excitement at maximum level, but it will also allow you to last really long in bed.

What you should keep in mind before you decide to use and adopt those techniques though, is seeing results requires some effort and practice. Don’t expect to last longer in bed overnight, or after you have used them once or twice! Don’t give up on your efforts, keep practicing and soon you will be able to last as long as you want in bed!

About the author:

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