Lasting longer in bed is easier than you may think

By Lloyd Lester, Creator,

Whether affected by premature ejaculation or not, all men are concerned with lasting longer in bed and they have numerous questions on the subject. The following article will provide you with answers to the most common questions that men have about sexual endurance and premature ejaculation.

how to last longer in bed

Question #1 – Exercise Or Medication: Which will help me improve my Ejaculatory Control and last longer in bed?

One thing that most men seem to ignore, is that ejaculation is completely controlled by a group of muscles located in the pelvis area, known as the PE muscles. If those muscles aren’t strong enough, then medication will simply not help you as far as lasting longer in bed is concerned.

This is because all drugs and premature ejaculation products, are designed to increase and regulate the flow of blood to your genitals. If your PC muscles are weak, you will only be able to maintain the erection for a short time even with the help of the aforementioned products.

So, if you want to solve premature ejaculation for good, then you need to exercise and strengthen your PC muscles. Note that exercises and strong PC muscles are the building block on which most premature ejaculation remedies and cures are built on.

Question #2 – Are The Exercises to stop premature ejaculation difficult And Time-Consuming?

Well, like all exercises, they can be bit difficult at first and getting used to them will probably take some time and effort. However, those exercises are really simple to learn and to perform on your own. In fact, they are so simple that you can even do them at work.

As far as time is concerned, you will need to practice for about 5 to 10 minutes a day, which is not that long and it is a pretty small investment, considering the vast benefits that it will offer you.

Question #3 – Can I avoid or delay Premature Ejaculation using my willpower alone?

Unfortunately controlling premature ejaculation is something that requires some time, so willpower alone is not gonna cut it. The reason for that is that the main cause or PE is the way that most men view sex, which is a result of evolution.

In other words, your body and mind know some things about sex and ejaculation and in order for you to be able to control when you get to your climax and last longer in bed, you will have to get them to unlearn or forget the things they know. You can do that by developing new habits in your sex life, but forming new habits and replacing old ones is something that takes some time and effort.

Question #4 – Will I Ever be able to sexually Please and satisfy My Partner If I Have a PE problem?

OK, here’s something that you really need to get into your head: how long you can last in bed is not that important, as far as satisfying your partner goes. Some men can last up to 30 minutes in bed, but their partners might still complain about them not satisfying and fulfilling them and then there are guys who are ‘quick shooters” (and by that I mean that they last 2 in bed, at the most), yet their partners claim that they are having their world rocked when they are having sex with those guys! You may be thinking that this doesn’t make any sense, but it does.

You see, the secret of those “quick shooters” is that they make sure that their partners are properly aroused and sexually stimulated before they begin sexual intercourse and vaginal penetration. In fact, most of these women have already gotten an orgasm during foreplay, so by the time penetration starts, they are already experiencing immense amounts of  pleasure and arousal.

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