Satisfy your partner regardless of how long you can last!

By Lloyd Lester, Creator,

lasting longer in bedAccording to a recent survey made by popular magazine Men’s Health, about 70% of men are facing lasting longer in bed trouble and are actively looking for ways to improve their sexual endurance and stamina.

So, if you have ever felt that you don’t last in bed as long as you would hope or like, then there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, because you are definitely not the only one, if anything, you are part of the majority.

Unfortunately, the sexual desires of men and women are rarely the same or completely compatible…

More is not always better!

Okay, being able to last long in bed is really cool and it’s definitely a quality that women appreciate in a man, however there is something that a lot of you might not know: men and women view sex in completely opposite ways.

For men, the most important thing is the “end”, i.e. reaching the climax. For women though, the most important thing is the way they will be brought to the climax. In other words, men are more interested in the “destination”, while women are interested in the “journey” itself.

A lot of men want to improve their stamina and endurance in bed is because they think that this will make their partners enjoy sex more. This however, is a big mistake and a great misconception about sex.  The simple truth is, that if intercourse lasts any more than 15 minutes, it can become pretty unpleasant and even painful for the woman. This is because constant thrusting usually causes the vagina to lose its natural lubrication. Once that happens, each thrust causes friction in the vaginal walls and becomes painful.

How do you deal with this issue?

If you want to make sure that your woman is fully satisfied when having sex with you, then you will have to learn about her sexual needs. Every woman is unique and likes different things when it comes to arousal and sex.

For example, some women like to be touched on their breasts, while others like to be touched on their buttocks or lips. Some women love ling foreplay sessions, while others prefer talking dirty under the sheets. Some women prefer the missionary position while others feel more sexy when they are having  “doggie style” sex.

The key is to learn what your partner likes, and focus on providing her with those things. This way sex with you will always be satisfying and fulfilling for her, regardless of how long you can last. Hint: Oral sex is always your safest bet when it comes to arousing a woman.

Relative to size, your tongue has the strongest muscle on your body and it is thus able to cause incredible orgasmic sensations for a woman! Learn how to perform oral sex properly and your partner will simply never have enough of your sex!

So a man’s stamina is not that important?

It is still important, but you only need to last as long as it takes for your partner to reach an orgasm. And when you focus on arousing and pleasuring her before and during sex, then she will come to an orgasm really quickly, which means that you won’t have to be able to last long in order to fully satisfy.

Simply put, the faster you can bring a woman to her climax, the less important your ability to last long in bed becomes.

About the author:

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