How Kegel exercises can change your sex life

exercises to last longer in bedOne of the most common problems that men face in the bedroom is premature ejaculation, or in other words, reaching their climax before their partner is fully satisfied.

As you can probably tell, this is definitely not good for a man’s self confidence and self image and it can even make him want to avoid sex altogether.

Now, what most men seem to not know about premature ejaculation, is the fact that it is a problem that is actually pretty easy to fix.

In fact, unless it is caused by a medical condition – which is rare but treatable – it is a problem that can be addressed without surgery or drugs. In fact, one of the most famous cures for premature ejaculation are Kegel exercises.

How can Kegel exercises help you?

Well, you might not know it but the strength of your erection and when your ejaculation will occur is controlled by a set of muscles located near your pelvis called the Pubococcygeal Muscles or PC muscles for short.

Long story short, the stronger your PC muscles the stronger your erection and the longer you will be able to last in bed. In other words, if you are facing a premature ejaculation problem or if you seem to lack stamina in bed, it is probably because your PC muscles are weak.

How Can I make my PC muscles stronger?

Well your PC muscle works like pretty much any other muscle in your body: the more you use it the stronger it gets and you can get it to become even stronger by exercising. In other words, you need to workout the muscle and that’s where the famous Kegel exercises or the Kegel workout comes in. Before you start with your workout though, you need to first locate the muscle.

Locating your PC muscle

The next time you urinate, try to stop urine mid stream. Do you feel something in your pelvis area tightening when you do that? Well, congratulations, you have just found your PC muscle!

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The most basic and effective Kegel workout

It goes without saying that there are many kegel exercises for men for you to choose from and I don’t have the space to write about all of them in this article, however, perhaps the most effective is actually one of the simplest.

It is so simple in fact, that you can perform it right now, or even at work! Just tighten the muscle you located before (in other words pretend that you are trying to stop your urination), keep it clenched for five to ten seconds and release it.

Repeat that process for 20 to 30 minutes every day and you will start to notice pleasant changes in your sex life. In about four weeks after you start exercising, you will notice change in your sexual stamina.

For more on Kegel exercises as well as other natural methods of improving your staying power in bed and overcoming premature ejaculation once and for all, you can check out Ejaculation By Command and Ejaculation Trainer, two of the best books and guides on the subject of improving sexual stamina and generally becoming a better lover.