The premature ejaculation squeeze method!

Turn yourself from early ejaculator to porn star!

exercises to prevent premature ejaculationPremature ejaculation is a problem that will affect pretty much all men at some point in their lives. The good news however is that its completely treatable and reversible.

The kinda bad news on the other hand, is that since it is caused mainly by psychological reasons, such as anxiety and stress, curing this problem completely can take a lot of time and effort.

It can take many hours of psychotherapy or behavioral therapy to completely get rid of a chronic premature ejaculation problem, but there are ways to last longer in bed that can provide with a temporary solution, until you work thing out for good.

A certain simple kegel exercise to last longer in bed for men can significantly help with delaying early ejaculation and although they probably won’t do anything to address the root of your PE problem, they will help you last longer tonight.

The simplest and one of the most effective of those ejaculation control exercises, is the so called premature ejaculation squeeze..

What is the premature ejaculation squeeze?

Well it’s pretty simple really: you just squeeze the head of your erect penis as soon as you feel that ejaculation is about to occur and that will send the semen and other ejaculation back to your testes, while also lowering your overall arousal level and thus allowing to gain some extra minutes in bed.

Just squeeze the head? That’s it?

In a nutshell, yes! However in order to know WHEN to squeeze the head of the penis, you first need to discover your so called point of no return (or PNR for short). This is the point at which your sexual arousal becomes so great, that ejaculation becomes all but inevitable.

In order to discover that point, you will need to masturbate slowly and calmly (without trying to rush the ejaculation) and pay attention to the way you feel through your arousal cycle, ie. the process that takes you from being limp and flaccid, all the way to your climax and ejaculation.

With a bit of practice you will be able to pinpoint your PNR, which is essential for pretty much ALL last longer in bed exercises and not just the premature ejaculation squeeze.

Are there any drawbacks to this ejaculation control method?

Well, in order to squeeze the head of the penis during intercourse, you will need to take the penis out of your partner in order to do it. This may be a bit awkward and weird, since it will break the “flow” of your lovemaking.

So, if you are going to try this as well as any other ejaculation control exercises, make sure to inform your partner and that she’s OK with what you wanna do. What’s great about the premature ejaculation squeeze, is that you can ask your partner to do it for you, thus keeping her involved and “active” even during this short amount of “downtime”.

As you can see, with the right last longer in bed exercises for men you can last linger in bed tonight! The premature ejaculation squeeze is perhaps the best and simplest way to immediately increase your staying power in bed and the more you use this kegel exercise, the better you will become at it. Just keep in mind that it is sort of a band aid solution, that will do nothing to address the main cause of your PE problems.

For more information on ejaculation control exercises and premature ejaculation in general, you should definitely check out Ejaculation Trainer and Ejaculation By Command. Those books are the best on the subject of overcoming premature ejaculation and learning how to longer in bed and they have helped thousands of men all over the world have really amazing sex.