And a special one that will rock your world!

When someone hears the words ‘kama sutra’, the first thing that pops into his or her mind is sex and unusual sexual positions.

In fact, a lot of people consider this ancient sex manual to be nothing more than an elaborate hoax, filled with sexual positions that are simply impossible to achieve, without possessing superhuman amounts of dexterity and flexibility.

Now, while it is true that some of the Kama Sutra sex positions are mostly for people who have at least some Yoga training, most of them can be done by just about anyone. In fact, you may even have tried or thought about trying some, without even knowing it!

So without further ado, I am going to present some of the easiest to do Kama Sutra sex positions that will provide you and your partner with amazing sex and orgasms that neither of you will forget! Most are so simple, that you can even try them tonight, or heck, right after you are done reading this article! So, let’s get started!

The Indrani sex positionIndrani

Although it’s name sounds foreign and exotic, the Indrami position is essentially a variation of the good old missionary position:

Instead of lying down when entering your woman n the missionary position, simply sit on your knees. This will allow her to lay back, relax and enjoy the pleasure provided by your thrusts, without having all of your weight on her! .

The Splitting Bamboo position

The Splitting BambooAgain, despite its fancy and pretty badass name, this position is again a variation on the missionary position, in fact, you may have even tried it already, without knowing that it was in the Kama Sutra!

Just lift one of your woman’s legs up during penetration while having sex in the missionary position! Pretty simple, right?

This will allow you to penetrate her deeper than usual and provide her with greater amounts of pleasure! For girls there are other kama sutra sex positions that you probably try all the time.

The Tigress position

 The Tigress positionThis is the kama sutra name for one of the most famous “woman on top” positions, the reverse cowgirl.

I am sure that most of you are already familiar with this, but I’ll go through it again just to be sure: just have your girl sit on you, while placing your penis into her vagina.

What makes this position really special, is the fact that it is ideal for delaying your ejaculation since you will not be in charge of the sexual stimulation and thrusting.

In other words, having sex in this position will add several minutes to your staying power in bed! Also, it’s name sounds a lot better than “reverse cowgirl”, don’t you think?

The Clasping Position

 The Clasping PositionThis is essential a reversal of the missionary position. Instead of lying on top of your woman, have her lie on top of you and swing her legs back straight between your open legs.

Again, this will add minutes to your staying power, since your girl will be doing all the hard work!

All this seems pretty tame, right? I mean I am sure that you imagined some pretty wild stuff when you read the words Kama Sutra. Well, then, let’s have a look at one of the most advanced positions:

The Pair of Tongs

The Pair of Tongs.This position is deceptively simple: all you have to do is hold your woman in a side on superman position and enter her at an angle!

That’s all it takes to enjoy an unforgettable orgasm!

Keep in mind though that you need to be fit in order to try it, since despite its simple nature, this position is one heck of an upper body workout. Your girlfriend should also be quite flexible…

Trust me though, if you can successfully pull it off, the pay-off will be more than worth it!