Increase male stamina In Bed with these 2 Powerful Tips!

By Lloyd Lester, Creator,

how to improve staminaAre you one of the millions of men all over the world facing premature ejaculation problems?

Are you constantly worried about not having enough stamina and endurance in bed to last as long as it takes for your partner to come to a climax?

Are you looking for ways to lasy longer in bed and to generally improve your sexual endurance, but simply do not know where to begin?

The truth is that there may be hundreds of ads, offers and products that claim to be able to almost miraculous help for premature ejaculation and that they can vastly improve your sexual stamina, practically overnight, but the vast majority of them do not live up to the hype.

The great news is that those products are not actually necessary since there are many completely natural and very easy ways of solving premature ejaculation.

There are many tried and tested and extremely effective tips, techniques and strategies out there that can help you beat premature ejaculation for good and increase male stamina at the same time.

Let us have a detailed look at two of those simple strategies:

#1 – Before you start making love:

One of the many and most common causes of premature ejaculation are the effects of stress and performance anxiety that men suffer from before they have sex, or even during intercourse as well.

If this sounds like a problem that you are suffering from, then I have good news for you: you can solve it very easily, simply by changing the things you eat. For example, eating foods that era rich in antioxidants such as red grapes, acai and nuts, will greatly help you improve your stamina as well as your overall sexual health and performance.

Another great way to increase your staying power in bed, is to calm your sexual nerves before sex. This can be easily done via a series of specific and very simple breathing techniques.

Another common cause of premature ejaculation is poor masturbation habits. If you ejaculate too quickly when masturbating then your body and mind get conditioned to act the same way during actual sex as well. If that is the case, then you can easily “re-program” your ejaculatory triggers by spending more time “playing with yourself” before ejaculation during your masturbation sessions and also by paying attention to how your body responds to stimulation and arousal.

#2 – During intercourse:

Learning how to distinguish the signs that your body is giving you before you ejaculate is vital as far as prolonging ejaculation is concerned. This way you will be able to tell when your arousal is about to reach the point of no return, i.e. the point at which ejaculation will be all but inevitable.

Once you feel that you are about to reach that point, you should adjust your movements and make them slower and more gentle in order to delay ejaculation.

Another important thing that you can do in order to delay your climax, is establishing a code of communication with your partner. Talk to her and come up with specific verbal and non-verbal cues and commands that will let her know when to provide you with arousing stimuli and when to stop or to go a bit slower.

The thing to remember:

Premature ejaculation is a temporary problem that can be very easily be fixed. Don’t let it ruin your sex life or rob all the enjoyment out of sex!

About the author:

Lloyd Lester is the man behind”Ejaculation By Command“, a complete and very detailed blueprint that has been specially designed to help men deal with their premature ejaculation once and for all and improve their sexual stamina. You can learn more about this method and how to improve your sex life, by visiting: Ejaculation By Command.