To people who want to use a premature ejaculation spray: Read this first!

last longer sprayIf there is one thing that every man would like to improve as far as his sex life is concerned, that would most likely be their sexual stamina.

Simply put, regardless of whether he is a premature ejaculator or not, every man would like to be able to last longer in the sack, which is why there are so many drugs and even home remedies to last longer in bed out there.

The latest trend in the field of sexual stamina improvement is the so called premature ejaculation spray.

Many people claim that it is a very effective treatment for premature ejaculation that can help pretty much everyone, even people not affected by PE, improve his sexual stamina and delay his ejaculation.

Is it really all it’s cracked up to be though? Well let’s find out!

Does the premature ejaculation spray work?

Well, the truth is that a premature ejaculation or a last longer spray (as they are also known) does EXACTLY what its name suggests: it helps you last longer in bed.

So, with that in mind, it is safe to say that those sprays actually work and do what they are supposed to, but this raises another important question: Sure, those sprays will help you last longer, but at what price?

The two biggest drawbacks of premature ejaculation sprays:

1. Reduced sensations

A premature ejaculation spray is in essence a mixture of local anesthetics, such as lidocaine. It works by numbing your penis and significantly reducing the amount and the intensity of the sensations and stimuli you experience during sex.

Simply put, the longer it takes you to reach your maximum arousal level, the more time it will take you to ejaculate. In other words, you will last longer in bed, but you won’t be able to experience all the pleasures of sex.

2. It also numbs your partner

Since you will essentially be spraying a liquid onto your penis, once it comes in contact with your partner’s bagina, it will seep onto it and it will make her feel numb and not enjoy sex as much as she would like to. In other works, you will have longer sex, but she won’t enjoy it very much, if at all. We are talking about quantity over quality here!

Bottom line

While a last longer spray will do exactly what it says, the sexual encounter that will result will not be pleasant for any of the parties involved. Sure, your sex will last longer, but you will both be unable to reap all the pleasure and the benefits.

With that being said, a premature ejacuation spray is a good last resort solution to use once or twice if you are worried about your performance, but it should under no circumstances be seen as a permanent cure for premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation is a complicated problem that is usually caused by psychological rather than physical reasons. The bad news is that there pretty much isn’t such a thing as a magical cure that will make you get rid of a premature ejaculation disorder overnight.

The good news however is that with the right tricks and techniques, you will be able to overcome your premature ejaculation problem and last longer in bed in just a few weeks. All it takes is patience and the right information which can be found in guides such as Ejaculation Trainer and Ejaculation By Command, the two very best books on the subject of how to treat premature ejaculation.