Premature ejaculation is a serious problem and it has nothing to do with not lasting long in bed!

Premature ejaculation is kind of like the boogeyman of every male’s who is under 40 sex life. A lot of men are worried about getting this problem and most of them think that they can definitely prolong their ejaculation.

But what does prolong ejaculation mean exactly? Well, it means that those men want to be able to thrust for hours on end before they ejaculate, just like their favorite porn stars… So, a lot of men think that they are premature ejaculators because of that!

how to treat premature ejaculation

What is premature ejaculation exactly, then?

Believe it or not, lasting long in bed has nothing to do with premature ejaculation. There is no time limit that needs to be reached for an ejaculation to not be considered premature or early. It all comes down to satisfying sexually yourself, as well as your partner.

In other words, a man can be considered a premature ejaculator if he CONSISTENTLY (this means all the time and not a couple of times, or every now and then) can’t sexually satisfy himself and his partner.

So, before you get any miracle premature ejaculation surgery done, you must make sure that you actually have a premature ejaculation issue.

How can I find that out?

Well luckily, there is a premature ejaculation diagnostic tool that can help you not only find out whether you are a premature ejaculator or not, but it can also answer the question “Why can’t I last long in bed”, which is extremely important as far as curing PE goes.

Wait, what kind of tool are we talking about here?

Well the word tool is a bit weird, but don’t worry, it’s actually just a 200 question questionnaire that has been developed by Althof and Rosen, two world famous sex therapists.

The test will provide you with an answer as to whether you actually have a PE problem and it will also help you find out what’s causing it. It is widely available online for free, if you wanna take it, just Google “Althof and Rosen premature ejaculation diagnostic tool”.

Wait, are there many causes for PE?

Well yes, but they fall into two major categories: physiological and psychological. The test will help you determine which one of those two categories of PE causes is responsible for YOUR PE problem and it will help you pick the right cure.

Physical causes are very rare and they range from minor, like prostate infections, to very serious that can be cured only via premature ejaculation surgery. Psychological causes are way more common and they include stress and anxiety.

They can be solved by exercises, natural premature ejaculation supplements and even a few sessions with a premature ejaculation therapist. It goes without saying that you should consult a doctor before you try any premature ejaculation treatment or way to last longer in bed.

As you can see, despite being such a common problem (or maybe BECAUSE it is such a common problem) most men only think that they have a premature ejaculation problem, while they are just looking for a way to last longer in bed and match the, fake, sexual performances of their favorite porn star. The premature ejaculation diagnostic tool will help you save time and money on useless cure and it can also put your mind at ease.

For more information on how to treat pe, its causes and its cures, you can check out Ejaculation by Command and Ejaculation Trainer. Those books are the best on the subject and they contain everything you need to know about PE and how to overcome it.