How to prevent quick ejaculation: All you need is better ejaculation control!

By Lloyd Lester, Creator,

how to control premature ejaculationI am sure that there is one thing that thousands of men have on their mind when it comes to sex: “How to prevent quick ejaculation? Can I have a better ejaculation control and provide my partner with fulfilling sex and unimaginable amounts of pleasure?”

This is mainly because premature ejaculation is without a shadow of a doubt the most common problem that men face in the bedroom. So, in other words men are wondering how to stop ejaculation and last longer in bed, in order to provide their partner with maximum pleasure. This might seem and sound a bit difficult, but it really isn’t.

The following article will provide you with valuable, yet easy to follow tips on how to have more stamina in bed and overcome premature ejaculation.


Focus on Getting Her Turned On First

According to recent studies, both men and women are supposed to be naturally predisposed to come to an orgasm around the same time during intercourse.

However, there is a problem that often keeps that from happening: for various psychosomatic reasons women usually take longer to become sexually aroused than men that sometimes seem able to become sexually aroused at the drop of a hat!

What I am sure you don’t know, is that when you having sex with your partner, you can use the paradox mentioned above to your advantage. You should take things slow right off the bat. Take your time and pay close attention to your partner’s body.

Touch it and  and complimenting her on her beauty. Stimulate on her non erogenous zones first and then start with the stimulation of her favorite erogenous zones. This will benefit you both” your partner will be sure that you like her and thus she will enjoy sex more and you will buy yourself time some time and you will make the sexual encounter last way longer than usual.


Get Her Ready For An Orgasm


When women become aroused, it usually takes them much longer than men to reach the point at which they come to an orgasm. If you know what stimulation to deliver to her, you will make her experience unimaginable pleasure.

Keep in mind that in this point her clitoris is ready for the taking and waiting for you, so while you are penetrating her, you should also start stimulating her clitoris using your fingers to perform steady and tender strokes in that area.

At this point, you will probably notice that your breathing and heartbeat rates are starting to get quicker. Don’t letthem get too fast and out of control! If you lose control now, you will come to an orgasm and the sexual encounter will end very abruptly.

What you should do is start breathing slowly, deeply and deliberately. This way your diaphragm muscles will be relaxed and you will not become too tense, which is one of the main causes of premature ejaculation.

Be aware of your arousal And in Control of it


When a woman to reach an orgasm and you attempt to change your position or even the rhythm, speed and intensity of your penetration movements, her arousal will probably return to its starting point and you will have to get her aroused all over again!

Try to keep your mind and your focus away from the pleasant sensations that you are currently feeling in your penis and focus on the pleasure that you feel in other body parts or even all over your body. For example, you can notice the way that your arms are supporting you during penetration and how your abdominal muscles are clenching and unclenching.

This will help you become aware of your arousal, which in turn will lead to you having better control of when you ejaculate, which pretty much ensures that you will last exactly as long as you like!

About the author:

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