It is actually easier than you may think!

A lot of men tend to think that the only way to attract women is by using pheromones or some other kind of magical “love potion” that will make them irresistible. This of course is false, to put it mildly. The truth is that any guy can learn how to attract women.

Any guy can pretty much get women to come to him and chase him, instead of the other way around. That is what we mean by attraction.

how to pick up women

Once a woman is attracted to you or interested in you, seducing her and getting her to your bedroom becomes easier than ever. In fact, attraction, is considered by many to be the first step of seduction.

Seduction you see is an art. Some men are naturally good at it, while others have to find out a way to make it work. ANYONE can learn how to attract women, though it has to be said that some men have natural advantages.

All Brad Pitt has to do in order to have girls swarming around him is show up somewhere. That is just the first step though. Getting a girl to come to you is one thing, getting her to stick around long enough for you to put your moves, is another.

That is why attraction is important. You can work on being seductive, but how will you get a girl to come close to you and stick around, or not leave when you approach her? Well, here are some easy tips.

1. Look good

Yeah, yeah: that’s a no brainer. Or is it? a lot of men think that looking good is something that completely has to do with the way you look, i.e. your natural looks. If you look like Matthew McConaughey, then attracting women is easy as pie.

Well, that is both true and false. You see while natural good looks are definitely a plus, they alone are not enough. I guarantee you that if Matt Damon or any other Hollywood dream boat showed up unshaven, with a bad haircut and grimy fingernails in a bar, no woman would approach him.

In other words, if you don’t have the looks of a male model (if you do then good for you!), you can still get a girl’s attention simply by not looking like a slob. Get a nice haircut, shave or have a nicely trimmed beard, groom yourself.

Looking nice and clean will go a long way when it comes to being noticed by women. Speaking of which…

2. Dress the part

If you wanna attract women, you are going to have to be dressed well. Does that mean that you will always have to wear a suit and tie everywhere you go, like Barney Stinson? No, it doesn’t. It means that your clothes will have to be clean and well ironed.

Again, just don’t look like a slob! It also helps to know what kind of girls hang out at the bar or club you are about to visit. A nice suit and tie will be perfect for a place frequented by older women, while your favorite Star Wars or Metallica t-shirt will certainly catch a few eyes at a bar full of college girls.

Remember, your appearance is the first thing that people notice about you, so make sure that it fits the place you are in and the kind of girl or woman you are after.

3. Be clean

So, that cute girl you’ve been making eyes with at the bar all night is coming to talk to you, do you think she will stay for long if your breath smells like road kill and stale tobacco? The answer is no. Sure, you may not be able to excrete some magic pheromone that attracts women, but smelling nice, or at least not stinking, will certainly get beautiful women to stay around you for a while longer.

The more a girl stays and talks with you, the better your chances of “scoring”. Remember to shower before you leave home for the bar and club. Also use a lot of deodorant because you will definitely sweat a lot there and there is no bigger turn-off for a woman than a sweaty, smelling guy.

Finally, brush your teeth and use floss and mouthwash. A nice smelling breath will make you all the more desirable and kissable!

4. Be interesting

So, you managed to learn how to attract a girl, what happens next? Well, she probably isn’t going to whisk you away for hot sex in the women’s bathroom right after you tell her your name. You are going to have to talk to her. Here is where most men that follow dating tips and guides usually screw up. You don’t need to recite canned material and lines. Just be yourself.

Try to be funny and generally look like a fun guy to hang out with. Don’t talk about anything really important like politics or the financial crisis, unless of course she is into that, but don’t talk about your favorite Batman villain either!

Just get to know each other and the more you talk, the easier your conversion will become. Be natural and don’t come off as creepy. Here is a tip to remember: if there is something that you wouldn’t tell your mother, don’t tell it or talk about it with a girl you just met.

Finally, watch your body language! Don’t stand with your arms folded and don’t fidget around or stutter. Try to touch her from time to time, as that will make you more endearing to her. A little small talk is the first step towards trying out the guide to how to last longer in bed that you just read.


So there you go. now remember, learning how to attract women is just the first step of seduction. Being seductive is a bit more complicated. This is just a guide on how to get noticed by girls and women and how to get them interested in you.

There are other online guys that will help you with comes next, but those this simple guide contains the things that any man interested in attracting women should know and adhere to.