Why distractions during sex will not help you last longer!

By Lloyd Lester, Creator, EjaculationByCommand.com

how to last longer in bedIt is no secret that all men like to know How to Make Sex Last Longer in bed, not only to boost their egos and masculinity, but also to make their partner feel as fulfilled and satisfied as possible.

Simply put, the more sex lasts, the manlier the man feels and the more his partner is satisfied.

There are many ways to delay ejaculation and by extension prolong sex and one of perhaps the most well known is distracting yourself.

In other words, a lot of people that thinking of something else while having sex, like baseball or your job, you can last longer in bed. This however is a very flawed and ineffective strategy and in this article, you are going to find out why.

Here’s why distraction during sex is ineffective…

The purpose of sex is not just to come to a climax and ejaculate as quickly as possible. The purpose of sex is exploring and enjoying your partner’s body and allowing her to do the same.

This essentially ensures that both of you will enjoy the experience and will experience vast amounts of pleasure. Sexual intercourse should last between 3 and 5 minutes, any more than that and it could become painful for the woman. If you try to think of other things in order to make it last longer, there is a good chance that your partner will see what you are doing and get turned off by it.

In fact, she may even be mad with you! No woman likes finding out that her man is not thinking of her while having sex with her, even if he is doing that because he thinks that this is a great way to stop ejaculation and make sex last longer, thus providing her with more pleasure.

Most of all, women want to establish a powerful and deep emotional connection with the person they are making love with, which is why they want their partners to have their mind in the game, so to speak, when they are having sex with them. In other words, if you think of other during sex, your woman will know it and she won’t enjoy your sexual encounter, nor will she be looking forward to more sex with you.


How to last longer in bed naturally

There plenty of natural ways that can help you last longer in bed, without having to distract yourself from the lovemaking. One of the best ways to last longer, is to perform certain exercises that will strengthen certain muscles in your pelvic area that essentially control when  you reach a climax and ejaculate. Controlling these muscles will allow you to keep them relaxed, which in turn will allow you to last longer in bed.

You can also assume positions to last longer in bed when having sex with your partner. You can have her sit on top of you, for example, and this way she will enjoy the pleasure of intercourse without you reaching an orgasm and ejaculating too soon, which will lead to the abrupt end of your sexual escapade.

Finally, you can pay attention to the signs your body is giving you when it’s abut to ejaculate and adjust your movements accordingly. In other words, you should take small breaks from thrusting and penetrating your partner’s vagina when you feel that you are about to ejaculate.

About the author:

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