Don’t ever worry about cumming during oral sex!

last longer during oral sexWouldn’t it be very embarrassing if you climaxed and ejaculated while while receiving oral sex from your woman?

It may have the word sex in its title, but oral sex (aka the blow job) is just a form of foreplay, so essentially you will have ejaculated way before sexual intercourse even begun.

Imagine how frustrating that would be for your girl: just as she is starting to get sexually aroused, her man has ejaculated and all sexual activity simple ceases.

She may act cool, but deep inside she is feeling very disappointed and definitely frustrated and confused… Did she do something wrong? Is something wrong with her partner?

The scene that I described above may sound like a ridiculous scenario, but it is way more common than you think! Premature ejaculation, or in other words ejaculation that occurs before the man’s partner reaches her orgasm, affects more than half of the male population and it can rear its ugly head even during foreplay and not just during intercourse.

This may be a very common problem, but it is not an irreversible sexual disorder caused by physical issued, it is just just a matter of below par sexual performance. Here are are some tips on how to last longer during oral sex.

  • Control your arousal

The most common reason why a man reaches his climax really soon, is because he gets too aroused way too quickly. When he gets too emotionally excited, his breathing rate starts to get quicker and quicker and this causes a lot of stress which in turn makes ejaculation occur as quickly as possible, in order to be relieved.

So, if you want to learn how to be better in bed, you need to learn how to keep your excitement and breathing in check. In this way, you will manage to delay your ejaculation and several precious minutes to your sexual encounter.

However, when you restrain and control your breathing and arousal you must do so not consciously and forcibly but naturally in order for it to be effective. In other words, you need to do it without thinking about it! That will take some practice, but the payoff will be worth it!

  • Ladies first

Another great way how to last longer during oral sex is to not to think just about your pleasure and orgasm, but to focus on your partner’s satisfaction and stimulation first. This is because when you think about your orgasm, you are essentially “asking” it to arrive as early as possible.

If you want to learn how to be better in bed, you also need to stop to constantly thinking about penetration, and instead use your fingers and tongue to pleasure your lady. This will cause her great amounts and it will make her reach her orgasm a lot easier and faster. In other words, you should also be giving some pleasure instead of always being on the receiving end!

Those two tips will surely help you last longer during oral sex and foreplay in general and they will add precious time to your sexual escapades. If you want to learn more about premature ejaculation and how to become better in bed, then check out Ejaculation By Demand and Ejaculation Trainer, the two very best books on the subject of early ejaculation and how to beat it once and for all.