Read on and find out!

how to get a girl to like youAny man can walk up to a girl and hit on her. Only a few men however are even pretty good at “scoring” with many of the girls they hit on. Why is that?

Well, getting a girl’s attention is easy, but unless you are covered in pheromones, maintaining it is kind of difficult. Getting a girl to talk to you is easy.

Getting her to talk with you long enough that she will come to like you enough to go out on a date with you is hard. Heck, even if you do score a date, scoring a second one is super-hard!

The purpose of this article is to teach you how to get a girl to like you.

  • Be yourself

OK, you finally got the girl you like to notice you and now you are alone together and she is talking to you. Time to break out all those corny lines you memorized from the various dating tips sites you visited, right? WRONG!

Girls love to feel important and unique. When a guy that they like goes up to them and he starts spouting all the lines that scores of other men have used on them and their friends in the past, they lose all respect for him.

Why would a girl go out with you or even consider to be your girlfriend if you don’t value her enough to come up with sweet words of your own? So, regardless of how successful those lines and routines are, be yourself. This is the best way for everyone involved to find out how much they like each other.

  • Relax

Most men stutter and fidget when they talk yo a girl that they like. Girls hate that because they perceive it as a sign of weakness. Sure, you like that girl, you may even like her really much, and you want her to go out with you, but she is not the freaking Pope or the President!

She is a regular person, just like you! Don’t be afraid of her and don’t stand seemingly in awe of her. Remember that women like strong men who are not afraid of them. They want the man to be in charge. So, before you start learning how to get girls to like you, you first need to learn how to relax and act naturally around them.

  • Listen to them

Women love talking, but they love being heard and understood even more. When you are talking with a girl you like, look at her in the eyes and nod your head to show that you are listening to what she says.

Do not zone out and do not pretend to be paying attention, even if what she says is trite and stupid. Even if she is saying that transformers 2 is the best movie ever put to celluloid, you need to listen carefully and then politely say that you disagree.

Always offer your two cents on what she just said. This not only shows that you are listening, but it also reveals your interests and what you like and dislike. You don’t have to agree with everything she says, especially if you don’t agree. Girls can see through that and there is nothing that they despise more than a man who is insincere because he is trying to get them to like him.

  • Smile and laugh

No one wants to spend time with a grumpy and mopey guy. Be cheerful and smile as much as you can when you are talking with the girl you like. Try to say jokes and other funny things. As long as she is laughing, she is having a great time and that certainly adds points to your favor and it will bring you several steps closer to getting her phone number. Don’t overdo it though.

Don’t turn your date or time alone into a stand up comedy show. Be funny, not a clown! Clowns are creepy and scary, after all!

  • Be romantic

So you managed to go out on a few dates and now you have invited her to your home. Girls like romance. Set up the mood with some candles and soft music. Set a romantic dinner by candlelight for two at the table. Do not leave condoms and other sexual paraphernalia lying around. It also goes without saying that your house should be immaculately cleaned before she comes. Nobody likes a dirty slob.

  • Be thoughtful during sex

When it comes to sex, most men think that they can get women to like them simply by lasting for great amounts of time, which is why there are so many books filled with secrets to how last longer in bed for men out there. That is not right though. If you get in bed with the girl you like, then you have to provide her with fun and pleasure.

You need to make her feel special and show that you care about her. Try to look up some of the tricks that will help you satisfy a woman in bed and focus on trying to make her feel as much pleasure as you. Be nice and don’t be selfish.

So there you have it. Just be nice and be yourself and you will soon laugh at all the men who claim that the only way to get girls to like you is with some pheromone mumbo-jumbo. Now you know how to get a girl to like you and how to even make her your girlfriend. So, what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time to go talk to that special someone?