How to do kegels: The best techniques and exercises to prevent premature ejaculation!

how to last longer in bed for men exercisesIt is a well known fact that every man, regardless of whether he could or should be classified as a premature ejaculator, would like to last longer in bed.

In fact, according to recent studies, pretty much all men are not satisfied with their performance in bed.

The best way for a man to increase his sexual stamina, is by doing some exercises to last longer in bed during sex.

These will allow a man to hold ejaculation and to cum when he wants to and not before.

Every man who wants to find out about how to last longer in bed for men exercises, must first master one of the most basic, yet effective premature ejaculation exercises: the start stop method for premature ejaculation.

Mastering this very simple exercise is absolutely essential for men looking for was to go longer in bed, since not only is it a very effective method of controlling when ejaculation occurs, it is also the basis for most other exercises to last longer in bed.

In short, if you need to improve your sexual stamina, you need to master the start stop method! Let’s see how you’ll do that!

Step 1: Find your point of no return!

Finding the Point of No Return (PNR from now on) is essential not only for mastering the start stop method for men, but also for most of the best and most effective ejaculation control techniques and methods.

The PNR is the point at which a man’s sexual arousal becomes so great, that he simply can no longer prevent his ejaculation from happening.

The easiest way to pinpoint your PNR, is to masturbate slowly (by that I mean that you shouldn’t be aiming to get to your ejaculation as soon as possible), while paying attention at how you feel as you become more aroused. Pay extra close attention to how you feel just seconds before you ejaculate, because that’s your PNR.

Step 2: Practice the Start Stop method on your own

The start stop method for premature ejaculation is really simple: you simply stop all sexual stimulation once you feel like you are getting too close to your PNR, you wait for a few seconds for your arousal to subside a bit and you resume stimulation as soon as you feel ready again.

Once you feel like you are getting close to your PNR again, you can just repeat the process I just mentioned. You can keep doing that, until you decide it’s time to finally ejaculate. Now while this method sounds easy to pull off – and it is – it will need some practice on your part in order to use it effectively.

So, the next time you masturbate and you feel that your PNR is approaching, simply remove your hands from your penis and wait for things to cool off a bit. Start stroking again after you feel like your arousal has subsided and repeat the process when you get close to the PNR again. Try and get one rep with each masturbation session.

Step 3: Practice on a partner

Using the start stop premature ejaculation method with a partner is similar to practicing on your own, only instead of pulling your hands away from your penis, you will stop moving or you will pull out of your partner’s vagina entirely.

Note that this will probably break the flow of your sexual encounter and your partner will definitely find it weird and frustrating if she doesn’t know what’s going on! So, if you are going to use this or any other how to last longer in bed for men exercises with your partner, make sure that you talk to her about it first!

Premature ejaculation exercises are great for learning how to hold ejaculation and they can benefit both men facing PE problems, as well as men who just wanna go longer in bed. The start stop method for premature ejaculation is one of the most basic methods and exercises of overcoming early ejaculation problems, however it is not the only one. For more premature ejaculation cures exercises and methods, you should check out the two most detailer and up to date guides on the market: Ejaculation By Command and Ejaculation Trainer!