Premature ejaculation can affect your relationship!

Learn how to delay ejaculation!

premature ejaculation informationPremature ejaculation can have many negative psychological effects and consequences on the man it is affecting. It can make him feel less of a man and it can even make him want to avoid having sex altogether, in order to avoid getting embarrassed by cumming too early. Learn how to delay ejaculation.

This is called premature ejaculation depression and it mostly affects men who have chronic problems with their ejaculation control.

Premature ejaculation however, is a problem that can affect the partner of the man ejaculating early as well and as a result, it can put strain on an otherwise healthy relationship.

For example, premature ejaculation with new partner might make said partner think that she is the reason why the man came early and this can lead to her not wanting to have another sexual encounter with him. Things are a bit more complicate when it comes to long term relationships, or even married couples!

How can premature ejaculation affect a long term relationship?

Like I said in the above paragraph, not lasting long in bed can make want to avoid having sex. Sex is necessary in a long term relationship, since it strengthens the bond between the two companions and it keeps them from cheating on each other or simply calling it quits.

In other words, premature ejaculation can cause a rift between a couple that has been together, or even married, for a very long time and this rift can become very hard to repair, if it’s not dealt with immediately. As you can probably tell,solving this problem will require some effort and understanding from both parties. Here are some tips to keep your relationship from dissolving because of poor sexual stamina.


Communication is extremely important when it comes to couples, whether they are married or in a long term relationship. If either of the parties involved feels that everything is not OK in bed, he or she should IMMEDIATELY and tactfully inform his or her partner.

Accepting the existence of a problem is the first toward solving it. Once the problem is “on the table”, you can look for a solution together.


One of the most common causes of premature ejaculation is performance anxiety and believe it or not, a man can have this issue even if he’s together with a partner for many months or years. Something in his life, such as a professional failure, can make a man question his sexual skills and whether he is able to satisfy his woman.Overcoming performance anxiety is very important in order to maintain a healthy relationship.

In order to help reduce her man’s anxiety, a woman must be reassuring and understanding and under no circumstances should she be judgmental of any premature ejaculations or dips in his sexual performance. She must talk with her partner and try to figure out the cause of the anxiety and the problem.

Try new things!

It has been proven that certain sexual positions and techniques can improve sexual stamina, delay ejaculation and generally help to achieve better ejaculation control. If you think that what you are doing is not doing any favors to your sexual stamina, then don’t be afraid to try new things.

I am not talking about breaking out the whips, chains and gimp suits – although that’s OK if that’s your bag – but I am talking about trying new positions, such as doggy style or even the reverse cowgirl. Just keep experimenting and see what works. Who knows, you might find a new favorite position that both of you will love!

As you can probably tell, premature ejaculation is a pretty complicated matter but it can be solved and you can overcome it. It is important to always remember that your stamina in bed is something that can always be improved. For more information on how to delay ejaculation, check out two of the best books on the subject: Ejaculation Trainer and Ejaculation By Command.