Don’t be like all the others: here’s how to be better in bed

how to be better in bedA lot of men think that lasting longer in bed is what will allow them to become better lovers. This is a bit ironic, because in order to increase his staying power in bed, a man must first learn how to be better in bed.

When it comes to sex most men seem to think that quantity equals quality. To put it simpler, the longer sex lasts, the better it is. The thing is however that quality is what will bring quantity. The better a lover a man is, the more confident he will be and confidence is one of the best cures for premature ejaculation and lack of sexual stamina. But what constitutes a good lover?

how to be better in bed for men

The answer is pretty obvious: the ability to provide great amounts of pleasure to his partner. What most men seem to think, is that the more time they spend with their penis inside a woman’s vagina, the more satisfied she will be. That is not always the case.

You see when it comes to sex, women are WAY more complicated than men. For most women, penetration, no matter how long, is simply not enough! In order to achieve an orgasm, then need a good ten to fifteen minutes of sexual arousement and stimulation.

Men on the other hand, only need a couple of minutes. Learning how to be better in bed is essentially learning how to make your partner achieve the big O.

If you get her hot and horny enough, then the amount of time that you last in her simply won’t matter. In fact, she will be BEGGING you to enter her because of all her horniness.

Just seeing her expression and hearing her moans will boost your confidence levels and your stamina will soon start to rise. Soon, you will be able to last as long as you want. So let’s see some things that a good lover should know.

  • Focus on her

Most men seem to completely forget that there is another person involved during sex. They only focus on how long they will last this time and on how they can get the most pleasure during the “session”. If you want to learn how to be better in bed, you need to first learn to start caring about the other party involved in sex.

Think about your partner and ask her what she likes and what she doesn’t like. The happier she is, the hornier she will get and the hornier she is, the easier it will be for you to bring her to an orgasm. Don’t be selfish!

  • Go down on her

I bet you love it when your partner gives you a nice BJ, right? Well, guess what: women love getting head too! Most men simply don’t care about going down on their partner or they find it gross. Well, I got news for you studs: giving you a BJ is not really fun for her either. She does it to make you happy and horny. return the favor.

If you got at giving head, then you will be able to stimulate areas of her vagina, like the infamous clitoris, that is very hard or even impossible to stimulate with your penis. This will make her so horny that she won’t even care if the actual penetration lasts only for a couple of seconds. Trust me, nothing will boost your confidence as a lover than watching your woman get a toe curling orgasm.

  • Don’t focus on her vagina

Women have many erogenous zones, so don’t focus on their vaginas! Believe it or not, most women get more turned on when you stimulate parts of their body other than their vagina. They love it when you stimulate their breasts and their butt for example.

Focus on as many areas and parts of her body as possible with your mouth and hands before you get anywhere near the vagina. Save it for last in order to take full advantage of all the arousal that you will have built in the meantime!

  •  Use your fingers before penetration

If you want to learn how to be better in bed, you must first come to terms with the fact that your penis is perhaps the worst of your “tools” when it comes to getting a woman to orgasm. Before you enter her vagina with your penis, “pave the way” by entering it with your fingers and making “come gere” movements with them.

This will allow you to reach places that your penis can’t and this will provide her with great pleasure and will get her really horny.

  • Take your time

Most men go for the vagina as soon as possible. Don’t be like those guys. Spend as much time on foreplay as possible and THEN go for the vagina. Remember, the more time you spend on foreplay and on getting her really arouses, the less hard you will have to work to get her to climax.

So there you have it. Here are the basics of learning how to be better in bed. Just try those out on your next couple of sexual encounters and she will definitely think that you are the best lover she ever had!