Here’s how to pick up women like a new Don Juan

how to attract womenMost men spend countless hours trying to find out how to become good in bed or looking for tips to how last longer in bed.

What they don’t seem to preoccupy themselves with though, is how to attract women.

This is because most of them think that it is easy and all a guy needs to do in order to “score”, is to memorize and recite one of the countless routined and lines that can be found online.

Does that sound smart to you? Because it sounds downright dumb to me!

There are men out there who claim that they have mastered the art of seduction and that they want to help other men do the same. Their intentions are good, but their words seem to always be misinterpreted.

Their tricks and “social robotics” work most of the times and under very specific circumstances. Most men however trock them as a seductive Konami code. They think that by using the same tricks as a well known pick up artist will make women come to them as if they were covered in pheromones. imagine their disappointment when they get shot down time and again.

Here is a guide that will teach you the basics of how to attract a girl. Note that it is only to be used as a guideline and a starting point. You have to come up with your own game and not copy someone else’s if you wanna succeed at being seductive.

The place

You can pick up women practically anywhere. Most men do so in bars and cafes, but places such as gyms and dance studios are also ideal. A woman at the gym or a bookstore is there for a specific purpose and she doesn’t expect to be hit on. You can use that to your advantage since she will be a lot more open and less defensive when it comes to that cute stranger who is trying to hit on her. So, if you see a woman that catches your eye, wherever you may be, don’t hesitate to make the move.

– ProTip: When not trying to pick up girls in bars always make sure that they are not really focused on what they are doing. If the cute girl you spotted reading a book at the library seems to be absorbed in her book, then talking to her and distracting her will make her classify you as an annoyance. Bide your time and wait for an opening.

Choosing your target

One of the most important things that a guy needs to understand before learning how to attract women, is when to approach a woman. He must learn to choose his targets wisely. I mentioned above when not to approach a girl at a place where she wouldn’t normally be hit on, but how does one choose his target in a bar?

Well, the first rule that you need to remember is that “three’s a crowd”. If you see a girl sitting and talking with a guy or just one other girl, then don’t approach. They are either on a date or they are having a catch up session. You won’t get any attention there. Ideally, you should look for a group of women or a lone girl.

– ProTip: Does your target look bored? If so then this a great factor in your favor! A bored girl will listen to you just to break up the monotony and boredom.


When approaching your target or her group it is very important that you do it naturally. Don’t hang back and wait for your chance. Act as if you belong there, as if you own the place. Confidence is paramount here. Simply walk there and say “Hi, may I join you?”, or wait for a punchline or a remark and chime in your two cents.

If your target is alone, then just sit close to her and start chatting with her about something that you noticed on her or around her. Ask her about her drink or something like that. If she is wearing a t-shirt or an accessory emblazoned with a band’s name or logo you can ask her if she likes the band or that kind of music.

Getting her alone

If your girl is already alone, then you obviously are free to move to the next step. If not however, you will have to “take her away” from her friends. Just talk with your friends as normal, but show her that you are interested in her. Look at her and talk to her as much as you can. Ask her opinion on whatever it is you are talking about. Once you get the feeling that the group likes and that she is warming up to you, just ask her if she would like to go somewhere more quiet to talk.

The conversation

When the conversation between you two gets started, make sure to keep it casual and trivial. Don’t ask personal questions right away. Start about general and innocuous things and then move on to more personal subjects. Ask for her opinion and compliment her on her answers, even you don’t agree with them, before telling her your own.

Always look interested and maintain eye contact. Once the conversation has been going on for a few minutes, you can try breaking the “contact barrier” by touching her arm or hands. Be natural and do not use cheap pick up lines and canned material. Originality goes a long way with the ladies.

– ProTip: Girls and especially older women love compliments. Just make sure that you look like you REALLY mean what you are saying when you are saying it.

Closing the deal

If all goes well, she will be so into you that she will wanna see you again or even go to bed with you that very evening. When the time comes for one of you to leave, say that you would like to see her again. This will likely get you a date.

So there you go. Just remember that unless you use some kind of magic pheromone, not all girls will be into you. Expect to strike out and to strike out a lot. Each of your failures however will provide you with valuable lessons and experiences. The more girls you hit on, the greater your chances of scoring!