Do not be afraid to ask about the G-Spot orgasm!

The G-Spot is an erogenous zone that allegedly exists inside the vagina and some women and sexual expertos alike claim that it can provide really intense orgasms and may even cause the much coveted female ejaculation.

The fact however is that some women don’t seem to have a G-Spot or are simply completely unable to find it! This has led men and women alike to wonder whether the infamous G-Spot actually exists, how to find it and how to give or experience a G-Spot orgasm.

Before start worrying about giving G-Spot orgasms, however, it’s a good idea to try and understand the concept of the G-Spot. The simple truth is that not all women can actually experience G-Spot orgasms.

G-Spot orgasm

Does every woman have a G-Spot?

According to recent surveys and studies most women and men alike believe in the existence of a G-Spot, but that numerous women seem to be unable to find theirs.

According to other studies, three out of four women don’t experience orgasms through vaginal stimulation. Some women that can’t find their G-Spot or can’t experience orgasma via vaginak stimulation, tend to worry about having some sort of abnormality or sexual dysfunction.

They think that they are in a minority, when in fact they are in the majority! So if you are able to find your partner’s G-Spot and give her an amazing G-Spot orgasm, then that’s great. But if you can’t, neither of you should feel bad about yourselves or your relationship. There is nothing weird about not being able to locate the G-Spot or not being able to experience vaginal orgasms.

Finding the G-Spot (if your partner has one)

The G-Spot is usually reported to be located 1 to 3 inches inside the vagina and on its front wall, but you may need to thoroughly search outside this area in order to find it. For some women this area may be slightly deeper than the above measurements.

stimulate the g-spotIt should also be noted that the G-Spot may not always be located be directly in front and it could be slightly towards one side or the other. This is all assuming that your woman does have a G-Spot, since a lot of women can’t find theirs and don’t seem to have one.

Also note that even if the S-Spot does exists in some women, it may need to be stimulated in a VERY specific way in order to produce any special sensations, so you may find it and not realize it if you are not stimulating it the right way.

There are also some sex toys that have been designed specifically with stimulating the G-Spot in mind.

Usually those toys will have the word “G-Spot” somewhere in their name. G-Spot vibrators and sex toys are the same shape and form as other sex toys, but they come with curved tips.

Many women find it easier to locate their G-Spot when they use vibrators and sex toys specifically designed for that purpose. This means that perhaps you should let your partner find her G-Spot on her own, and then teach you or show you where it can be found.

Stimulating the G-Spot

Even if you are able to find the perfect angle for penetration during intercourse which will also allow you to thrust against the G-Spot, the best way to stimulate is with constant, firm and heavy pressure.

This means that it can be really hard or downright impossible to stimulate the G-Spot in some of the most popular sexual positions, including the most popular one, the famous missionary position. This means that will probably have to look up positions that have been conceived with proper stimulation of the G-Spot in mind.

You may also find it easier to stimulate your woman’s G-Spot by using your hands or a specially designed toy. This is because both of those methods can provide you with greatly increased precision and control. If you use your hands, you will be able to search more thoroughly and methodically for your partner’s G-Spot and it will also allow you to apply firmer and more constant pressure to that area.

This may result in providing your partner with way more pleasure and fun than you would provide her via intercourse. Once you’ve found the G-Spot with your hands or with a specially designed sex toy, stimulating the area during intercourse will be a piece of cake.