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Get rid of PE for good with the Ejaculation By Command guide by Lloyd Lester!

best premature ejaculation productAsk every man and he’ll tell you that there is no better or more fulfilling thing than perfectly satisfying your woman in bed and seeing the look of ecstasy on her face as she achieves a powerful orgasm that you caused.

Many men however find themselves unable to do that at some point in their lives, because of a very common and embarrassing problem known as premature or early ejaculation, which keeps them from lasting as long as they would like in bed.

Last for 30 Minutes or Longer by the End of the Week!

Simply put, premature ejaculation can make sexual intercourse last less than a couple of minutes!

The good news however is that this problem can actually be solved and the best ways to solve it and get rid of it once and for all, can be found in Lloyd Lester’s book Ejaculation By Command!


The first part of Ejaculation By Command, contains pretty much all the information a man needs to have on premature ejaculation. You’ll find out what usually causes this problem and what factors can actually make it worse. You will also find out which of the things you have heard about early ejaculation are actually true and which are actually myths.

You’ll be amazed by how many of the things you thought you knew about PE are actually lies based on misconceptions and old wive’s tales that have no basis in science or reality. All this information may seem too much, but it is vital because in order to deal successfully with a problem, you must first understand it.

Stop premature ejaculation PERMANENTLY

The real meat of this book however can be found in the second part. This is where you will find all the most effective tips, tools and techniques to deal with your premature ejaculation problem and permanently increase your stamina in bed.

What you need to know however, is that most of the techniques described in this book aim to not just increase your sexual stamina, but to also boost your confidence in bed and make you believe that you are an amazing lover, which of course is the first step in the journey towards becoming one and that is not something that can be achieved overnight! It will take some time and patience, but the outcome will be more than worth it!

Why this book stands out from the competition?

There are probably hundreds of books and products that promise a swift solution to a man’s premature ejaculation problem, however those are just “band aid” that will help you last longer once or twice, but will do nothing to address the root of the problem.

A powerful “delay button” that instantly FREEZES your orgasm

Ejaculation By Command by Lloyd Lester will not only teach you everything you need to know in order to be able to last longer in bed, it will also make you an amazing lover in the process. In other words, it will completely turn your sex life around and make it amazing!

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Pros and Cons of Ejaculation By Command


This book contains only the best completely NATURAL ways to deal with your premature ejaculation. It will not try to get you to buy any shady and potentially dangerous drugs, or expensive condoms and gels. It is also ideal for men who are not premature ejaculators, but would just like to add a few extra minutes to their lovemaking sessions.

Apart from finding out how to last longer in bed, you will also learn how to fully satisfy your female partners and provide them with amazing orgasms that will leave them asking for more.


The vast amount of information may seem too much for people who are interested only in the techniques and solutions, however this information concerns things that you need to know in order to deal with your problem as efficiently as possible.

Furthermore, some of the techniques presented in Ejaculation By Command, such as the “start – stop” technique, may be already known to some people, but they are presented in a really easy to understand way here.


The great thing about Ejaculation By Command is that apart from this book, you will also get a lot of other books and guides for free, as well as other bonuses when ordering! Those bonuses include:

1. Exclusive Companion Audio Edition

You will receive the Ejaculation By Command program in its entirety in 14 professionally-produced audio tutorials. This is especially useful for people who like listening to audiobooks while they work or drive, or for people who simply don’t have the time to read the book.

2. Emergency Tactics To Last Longer

While he whole program focuses on mastering techniques that will permanently increase your stamina in bed, this extra book contains 15 well-tested techniques that you can use tonight in order to keep your early ejaculation in check.

3. Quick-Start Guide

This is essentially a handy companion that contains the basics that you will need in order to go through all the tips, tricks and techniques explained in the core program more easily.

4. Premium Lifetime Updates

Lester Lloyd recognizes that his material can always be improved upon since scientists are constantly making new breakthroughs in the field of preventing premature ejaculation, which is why he regularly updates his training materials. With the free premium access bonus, you will have lifetime access to all new additions made to Lester Lloyd’s premature ejaculation prevention training material.

5. Priority 1-On-1 Email Support

Very few premature ejaculation products and books provide adequate customer support, but Lloyd not only does so, but he takes things to a whole new level: he provides his customers with his private email address in order for them to ask him any questions that they may have related to the program and premature ejaculation in general, any time, anywhere. Not only that, but Lloyd is guaranteed to respond to all question within 24 hours.

6. Advanced Sexual Mastery Series

Lasting longer is about more than just learning about specific techniques to improve your sexual stamina. Sexual competence will make you more confident in bed, and that is key to improving your staying power in bed. One of the best ways to improve your sexual competence and abilities, is by learning how to provide women with an erotically fulfilling experience in bed, even if you are a “quick shooter”! That’s what you will learn with the Advanced Sexual Mastery Series!

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