Ejaculation control exercises: do kegel exercises work?

ejaculation control exercisesPremature ejaculation is a problem that pretty much all men will experience at some point in their lives, despite what many men believe though, it is a problem that can be reversed and cured completely, it just takes some time and effort.

According to researchers, in many cases of men with premature ejaculation problems, the best cure are some of the many ejaculation control techniques that men use to last longer in bed.

Recently, studies have proven that dry orgasm and premature ejaculation prevention go hand in hand.

Dry orgasm is one of the most popular techniques that men use when it comes to prolonging orgasm and it is essential for men who want to become what is known as the Multi Orgasmic Male, which essentially is a man who can experience multiple orgasms during a single sexual encounter.

What makes this technique great for people with ejaculation control problems as well as for people who simply want to learn how to delay orgasm, is the fact that mastering will not only result in a man having longer sex, but it will also vastly improve the amount of pleasure that he derives out of each and every sexual encounter and experience, including masturbation!

The following guide will answer the common question; do kegel exercises work? It is an introduction to the basics of dry orgasm and it is about solo practice, the principles discussed here however can also be used during actual sex.

What is Dry Orgasm?

A man’s sexual climax is the orgasm, which is the amazing, electrifying feeling that you feel coursing through your body once your sexual arousal peaks, which is followed by the ejaculation, which is release of semen.

As far as nature is concerned, the point of having sex is getting to the ejaculation as soon as possible, so that you will be able to impregnate your partner, which is why men go limp as soon as they ejaculate and they have to wait for several minutes, or even hours before they have sex again.

With a Dry Orgasm, you will be able to experience the amazing feeling of an orgasm, WITHOUT the ejaculation, which means that you will be able to keep on having sex and experience that amazing feeling again and again.

How to achieve a Dry Orgasm?

Step 1: Achieving pelvic floor balance

What a lot of men don’t know, is that the strength and duration of their erection as well as the control that they have over their ejaculation, all depend on the so called pelvic floor muscles, a group of muscles located near the anus. In order for a man to achieve ejaculation control, those muscles should be strong and not very tense.

If they are weak, a man will probably experience premature ejaculation problems, if they are too strong and tense, ejaculation will take too long to occur, making sex exhausting for both himself and his partner, and in some extreme cases it might even be impossible!

Pelvic floor balance is the perfect state that all men should try to achieve. The most important muscle of the pelvic floor is the PC or Kegel muscle.

This muscle contracts and relaxes and essentially causes the ejaculation and forces the semen out of the body. It can be made stronger with the so called Kegel exercises which are as simple as pretending to hold back your pee for a while and then relaxing.

However, like I said earlier, you don’t want this muscle to become TOO strong, which is why you should always do some Reverse Kegels exercises – exercises that aim to relax the muscle and make it less tenses – along with your normal Kegels. Like I said earlier, this guide is simply an introduction and figuring out the right Kegel exercise workout for you and your pelvic floor is a kinda complicated process which I will not analyze here, for the sake of readability.

Just Google “Pelvic floor balance workout” or check out the books Ejaculation By Command and Ejaculation Trained for more information on Kegel workouts.

Step 2: Mastering the timing

Believe it or not, all it takes to achieve a Dry Orgasm is simply performing a Kegel Hold, in other words just clenching the Kegel Muscle that I mentioned above, at the right moment.

This muscle will start to contract on its own once ejaculation is about to occur, so all you have to do in order to experience your first Dry Orgasm, is to simply clench it right after you feel that first involuntary spasm.

Having a balanced pelvic floor will allow you to easily feel that first spasm and it will also allow you to override this involuntary action with you voluntary clenching! So here’s how to practice your timing:

1. Masturbate by stroking your penis slowly and getting aroused as slowly as possible. Make sure that you are alone and completely undisturbed throughout this process and pay close attention to the way your body feels.

2. Once you feel like you are approaching your Point of No Return, the point at which ejaculation becomes inevitable, focus on your pelvic floor area and wait for that involuntary spasm.

3. As soon as you feel that spasm, IMMEDIATELY clench your Kegel muscle and perform a Kegel hold. Congratulations, you have experienced your first dry orgasm!

Step 3: Experiencing multiple orgasms!

Believe it or not, the above process is all you need to know in order to experience multiple dry orgasms! All you have to do is repeat it after you suppress an ejaculation. With each practice session you should be able to achieve one more dry orgasm than you did during your previous session.

Note that if you feel any pain and discomfort while you attempting a Kegel hold in order to suppress an ejaculation, then it’s time to ejaculate! Also note that you should definitely ejaculate at some point during each and every of your practice sessions. After a little practice on your own, this technique will become second nature to you and you will be able to almost instinctively use it in bed.

As you can see, learning how to achieve multiple orgasms is not exactly easy, but it is definitely worth the trouble and effort! Keep in mind that this is just a basic introduction, for more information on how to become a multiorgasmic male and how to make an orgasm last longer, check out Ejaculation By Command and Ejaculation Trainer, the two very best books on the subject of premature ejaculation and improving one’s staying power in bed.