A simple guide to find the clitoris!

experience amazing orgasmsIt goes without saying that the whole point of sex is to provide your partner with an orgasm.

When it comes to men, this is easily achieved since all a woman has to do is let her partner enter her vagina, or give him a hand job or a blow job.

Simply put, if you can get a man to cum, you can make him experience an orgasm, it is a simple as that! It takes a lot more work and knowledge to make a woman experience an orgasm though….

If you want to be able to bring a woman to an orgasm every time you have sex, you need to know where the clitoris is located!

A lot of men have no idea where the clitoris is and how to locate it and since a lot, if not most, women can only reach an orgasm through stimulation of the clitoris, this can be a huge problem!

If you want to be an amazing lover, you need to know EXACTLY where a woman’s clitoris is located, before you take her clothes off! This article will provide you with the exact location of the clitoris, so pay close attention!

Where is the clitoris?

Well, the shortest answer, right out of an anatomy manual is this: “The clitoris is located near the anterior junction of the labia minora, above the opening of the urethra and vagina”. Does all that sound Greek to you, because you didn’t go to med school? Don’t worry, you are not the only one! Let’s clarify things a bit, shall we?

discovering the clitoris!

The location of the clitoris, in layman’s terms

OK, I want you to imagine a beautiful woman lying completely naked and spread eagled on your bed (a tough job I know). Now, I want you to visualize yourself opening her legs, and looking down to her naked pussy. Her clitoris is close to the entrance to her vagina (you shouldn’t have any trouble locating that, right?). To be more precise, her clitoris is located just above the entrance to her vagina and urethra.

Can you be a little more specific?

OK! A woman’s clitoris is right on the top of her pussy, it is near the part where her pussy lips connect above her vagina. When a woman is sexually aroused and her clitoris starts hanging out, you can see it right at the top parting of these lips.

If you want to find out where her clitoris is exactly, then all you have to do is move her vaginal lips gently apart and you will notice the so called clitoral ‘button’ slightly protruding at the top. Keep in mind that the more turned on a woman is, the bigger and easier to find her clitoris will be, so always start with plenty of foreplay before you start stimulating her clitoris.

OK, I found it. No what?

Well now you have to stimulate it! You can use your tongue, your fingers and even your penis to “push that button”! Just try it and prepare to hear lots of moaning and cries for more from her!

Most of you now that in order to get your woman to experience amazing orgasms, you will have to first stimulate her clitoris. Well, how can you stimulate something that you can’t find? Here’s a simple guide on how to locate a woman’s clitoris! The rest is up to you!