Looking for an easy way to beat PE? Try the condoms that make you last longer

condoms that make you last longer

When it comes to lasting longer in bed, most men usually turn to expensive drugs and gels. The fact however is that one of easiest ways to beat PE, is using condoms that make you last longer in bed.

Those specially designed condoms are pretty inexpensive and they can help premature ejaculators as well as men looking to simply add a few extra seconds to their sexual performance.

They are also known as “performance condoms” and they are available pretty much anywhere.

How performance condoms work

What makes condoms that make you last longer during sex really special, is the fact that they contain a numbing agent. The inside of those condoms, especially the area surrounding the head of the penis, is covered by a small quantity of a local anesthetic.

The most commonly used anesthetic is lidocaine, which is also used by dentists. This local anesthetic numbs the penis. It doesn’t make it fully numb though, it still allows the person wearing it to experience sensations, it just makes those sensations less intense.

Comfortably numb

Why is this numbness so important? Well, the answer is clear, the more aroused a man becomes, the quicker he ejaculates. The penis is the main source of a man’s arousal during sex, so the longer it takes for it to get fully aroused, the longer it will take for a man to cum.

Condoms that make you last longer during sex are designed to slow down the rate in which the arousal rises, while still allowing you to experience pleasure. In other word, those condoms work pretty much like the way more expensive premature ejaculation creams and gels.


  • Unlike premature ejaculation gels, condoms that make you last longer will not affect a woman’s vagina and limit her ability and capacity to enjoy the sexual encounter.
  • They protect you and your partner from STDs and unwanted pregnancies, just like regular condoms.
  • They are also way cheaper than pretty much any other form of PE treatment.
  • They are available pretty much everywhere, including in supermarkets.


  • Your body could “get used to them”, which means that you will have to always wear one in order to have sex.
  • Although they are really cheap, they are still more expensive than regular condoms.

Now you know practically everything there is to know about those new condoms that make you last longer in bed. If you are looking for a quick way and easy way to deal with your PE problem or to increase your stamina, they could be your best bet. At least they are cheaper and much safer than all other PE drugs.