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Are sexual performance anxiety and premature ejaculation connected?

Sexual performance anxiety causes premature ejaculation? According to recent studies, seven out of ten men have experienced a premature ejaculation problem and sexual performance anxiety at some point in their lives. As you can probably tell, early [...]

No need to worry about what cause premature ejaculation!

What cause premature ejaculation? Learn how to manage your sexual performance anxiety! As I am sure you all know, premature ejaculation is the most common and perhaps the most embarrassing problem that men face in [...]

How to delay ejaculation in men naturally

Premature ejaculation can affect your relationship! Learn how to delay ejaculation! Premature ejaculation can have many negative psychological effects and consequences on the man it is affecting. It can make him feel less of a [...]

The mindset causes premature ejaculation, or is it physical?

What causes premature ejaculation may surprise you! I am sure you have heard people and doctors say that every physical problem or issue that someone is facing, is actually caused by his or her mind and [...]

Is your high penile sensitivity what causes premature ejaculation problems?

What causes premature ejaculation problems? Get the answers! On this article you will find what causes premature ejaculation problems. According to recent studies, premature ejaculation occurs mostly because of psychological and mental reasons, such as stress [...]

One of the premature ejaculation reasons are the weak pelvic muscles!

Can weak pelvic muscles cause premature ejaculation? Read and find out! Premature ejaculation and lack of sexual stamina in general is by far the most common problem that a man may face regarding his sex [...]