What causes premature ejaculation may surprise you!

how can a man last longerI am sure you have heard people and doctors say that every physical problem or issue that someone is facing, is actually caused by his or her mind and the way it sees and perceives things in general. Read on and find what causes premature ejaculation!

Well, as far as premature ejaculation is concerned, this saying is completely and utterly true! In other words, cumming too fast is directly linked to your current mindset or attitude.

To put it simply, whatever the mind thinks, the body does. In other words, if you are not confident enough about your sexual skills, your body will have to verify that image that you have about yourself and it will cause you to have a premature ejaculation.

Long story short, premature ejaculation mental. So, if you want to achieve an ejaculation delay, you will first have to change the way you think about yourself and sex. How can you do that?

Well, let’s have a look at some simple yet very effective mental techniques and tricks that will help you last longer in bed amd beat whatever causes premature ejaculation.

  • Don’t take sex too seriously!

One of the biggest mistakes men make regarding sex, is worrying too much about all the things that could go wrong and how embarrassed that would make them feel.

As you can probably tell by now, by thinking this way, they are essentially setting themselves up for failure. Sex should be all about having fun and having a good time! So what if you cum early a couple of times? It happens to all of us! Just shrug it off and don’t make a big deal out of it. Heck, you can even try to crack a joke about it with your partner!

If you think that cumming too fast is not a big deal, then your mind will stop stressing over it and you will be more relaxed during sex, which is of the utmost importance as far as improving your staying power goes!

  • Focus on your partner!

Stressful things and thoughts have a nasty habit of creeping inside your mind when you are having sex and this can cause you to ejaculate early. If you want to delay orgasm and by extension prevent premature ejaculation, you are going to have to keep those thoughts out of your head. Focus on your partner and her body and on providing her with as much pleasure as possible.

Do not think of anything not sex related when having sex. If you find your mind starting to wonder, just focus your attention on the gorgeous naked woman laying on your bed!

  • Relax before you have sex

We all know that life nowadays can be very stressful and we all things many things to worry about on a daily basis, such as the bills that we need to pay or the things that need to be finished at work or a deadline that is almost up. You know what though? Those things and issues should be as far away from your mind as possible when having sex!

So, before you “get down to business” with your partner, try to relax and clear your head of all the problems that trouble your daily life. Just do whatever it is that helps you calm down, relax and unwind before you get to bed.

  • Create a relaxing atmosphere

Make sure that the room you are having sex in is clean and there is nothing in there that could distract you, like a pet or a religious icon, or anything that will remind you of stressful things, such as your job and your bills. You can even put on some soothing and relaxing music to help you mellow out during sex.

It doesn’t have to be Barry White, but it will probably have to be something slow and harmonic, so no death or power metal, unless both you and your partner are into that stuff!

As you can see, improving your staying power in bed is a psychological rather than a physical process. With those tips we just skimmed the surface of this very complex and important issue. If you would like to find out more about lasting longer in bed and what causes premature ejaculation, then you should definitely check out Ejaculation Trainer and Ejaculation By Command.

According to many experts and men all over the world, those are the best books on the subject of premature ejaculation prevention and improving sexual stamina!