Is porn to blame for Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation may be the most common problem that men experience in their sex life, so common in fact that according to recent studies up to seven out of ten men have experienced it at some point in their life, but a lot of people seem to ignore one very simple and well known fact in scientific and academic circles: the causes of premature ejaculation are almost always psychological.

premature ejaculation porn

In other words, a man ejaculates too early mainly because of stress and anxiety and one of the most common forms of anxiety that can cause premature ejaculation, is of course performance anxiety.

If a man worries that his performance isn’t up to par, then his brain and body will do everything in their power to validate that fear. In other words, a man worried about under performing in bed, WILL under perform in bed. It’s a vicious circle or a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The birth of the vicious circle

So how does that vicious circle begin? Well the answer is simple: the man sets very high and sometimes even impossible to meet standards for his sexual performance. What men don’t seem to know, is that if they ejaculate two minutes after vaginal penetration then they can’t be considered premature ejaculators.

They think that they should be able to last for several minutes or even hours, which is right down impossible without the use of drugs and other sexual aids. But where do they get this idea from? Well, here’s where porn comes in.

How porn can affect premature ejaculation

Men love watching porn and thanks to the internet, finding it has become easier and faster than ever, so they have now become overexposed to it. Porn stars seem to have superhuman sexual stamina and since many men watch lots of different porn stars possess those ridiculous amounts of stamina and staying power in bed, they think that this is the norm.

What they don’t know however is that porn directors use editing and special tricks in order to make you THINK that their stars are walking sex machines. For example, the keen observer will notice that porn movies recycle footage all the time, especially during penetration scenes.

Furthermore, what you see is not done in one continuous take like Hitchcock’s “The Rope”, there are cuts and breaks for the actors participating in the sexual act. In fact, there are even so called “fluffers” on set whose job is to make sure that the male star retains his erection during those breaks!

It’s only a movie

Now I am not saying that you should stop watching porn if you want to last longer in bed, but what you should do, is remind yourself that what you are watching is essentially a piece of fiction and not a documentary. You didn’t believe that men can fly when you saw Superman, did you?

Of course overexposure to porn is not the only thing causing premature or lowering your staying power in bed. For more on the causes of premature ejaculation and ways to overcome it and become able to last longer during sex and provide your partner with an amazing time every single time you sleep together, check out Ejaculation Trainer or Ejaculation by Command, those are the two best books on the subject and they have helped thousands of men all over the world improve their sex lives.