This is one of the main causes for premature ejaculation!

premature ejaculation informationCumming too early in bed is a very common problem for most men and it is widely known as premature ejaculation. Luckily though, in most cases treating the causes for premature ejaculation is actually very easy and the reason for that, is the fact that it mostly occurs due to psychological reasons, so one will rarely have to take medicine or undergo surgery in order to overcome a pe issue.

Believe it or not, one of the most common causes for premature ejaculation is poor climax control. This essentially means that a man’s ability to control ejaculation gets “hijacked” by his arousal.

In other words, he becomes so aroused that his body is forced to ejaculate in order to relieve the tension. So, if you want to learn how to last longer in bed, the first thing you need to do is learn how to manage your arousal.

The arousal circle

Each man has his own “arousal circle” which essentially the time and process needed for him to become fully aroused and reach ejaculation. With the right stimuli, some men can go from being completely flaccid, to being fully erect and ready for ejaculation in a matter of a few seconds!

This essentially means that a man must figure out his own arousal circle and learn when to “apply the brakes”. The best way to do that, is finding your point of no return, or PNR for short.

The Point of no return

Next time you have sex or you masturbate, pay attention to how you feel just seconds before you ejaculate: congratulations, you have found your point of no return!

Simply put, the PNR is the point when your arousal levels becomes so high, that your brain has no choice but to issue the command for ejaculation in order to cool things off and prevent any damage to itself and the rest of the body. You can last longer in bed by hovering around the PNR but not actually crossing it. This is what we mean by the term Arousal Control.

So how can one control his arousal?

Well, a simple yet costly method, is using so called performance condoms. Those condoms contain a special numbing agent that reduces sensations in the area of the penis and thus delays the rise of a man’s arousal levels. In other words, it sort of stresses the PNR, which means that it will take longer for the brain to issue the command for ejaculation. The problem with those condoms however is that they can be very expensive and they are not available in all retailers. Luckily, there are also ways how to delay ejaculation in men naturally.

1. Go slow: Instead of thrusting quickly and strongly, do so gently and in a more controlled and rhythmic manner. Not only will your partner appreciate the sensuality of your lovemaking, but you will also effectively delay the increase of your arousal levels and your ejaculation.

2. Take a break: If you feel like you are getting near to the PNR, stop what you are doing immediately and slow down your thrusts and movements, until you feel like things are cooling down a bit. Once you feel like your arousal has dropped, increase the speed and power of your thrusts. Repeat the process every time you approach your PNR.

3. Breathe in, breathe out: One of the most common warning signs or ejaculation is an increase in breathing rate. Try to breathe slowly and deliberately during sex: take a slow and deep breathe every four or five seconds. This will keep your brain from thinking that your body is in trouble, which will force him to issue the ejaculation command.

4. Use more lubrication: Your arousal levels rise because of the friction between your penis and your partner’s vagina. The less friction between the two, the more it will take for your arousal to rise.

Those are just some of the methods that you can use to naturally control ejaculation by getting better arousal control. For more methods, as well as solutions for the most common causes for premature ejaculation, check out Ejaculation By Command and Ejaculation Trainer. Those two books have helped hundreds of thousands of men to last longer bed and they will definitely do the same for you!