Can masturbation cause premature ejaculation?

The answer may shock you!

how prevent premature ejaculationEjaculation problems affect thousands, if not millions, of men every single day. The most common of those problems, is of course premature ejaculation or in other words, cumming before you or your partner are sexually satisfied. But what can cause premature ejaculation?

Well, according to scientists, this problem is mostly caused by psychological issues, but in some cases it can also be caused by physical factors, such as weak pelvic muscles.

Some more recent studies however have revealed something quite shocking: a connection between lack of orgasm control and masturbation! Does that mean that all those old wives about masturbation being bad for you are actually true?

Far from it, but your masturbation habits do play a large role in controlling premature ejaculation. Let’s find out how and why, shall we?

Ejaculation and evolution

What a lot of men don’t know, is that all males have been programmed by nature to ejaculate as quickly as possible. The reason for that is simple: Mother Nature only cares about results, so as far as she is concerned, sex is meant only for procreation and not recreation. If a male has a chance to have sex with a female, then he should be done with it as quickly as possible.

In other words, the next time you feel like getting the premature ejaculation depression, just think that you are just acting the way nature wants you and expects you to. The good news however is that this “programming” can be overridden, which will result in lasting long in bed. The bad news is that it can also be reinforced… Here’s where masturbation comes in!

Masturbation and sexual stamina

Men usually start masturbating during adolescence. During that time in their lives they live with their parents and they may even be sharing a room with a brother or a sister, so when it comes to masturbation, they want to “take care of business” as quickly as possible, in order to avoid getting caught.

This essentially reinforces their natural programming, which means that their mind becomes accustomed to the idea that sex should be over as quickly as possible.

Overriding nature’s programming

The key to lasting longer in bed, is convincing your brain that sex doesn’t have to be over quickly. In other words, you need to override nature’s programming. The best way to do that, is by simply changing your masturbation habits. From now on,take things slow when masturbating and don’t rush to get to the climax.

Make each of your masturbation sessions last slightly longer than the last and soon your brain will start to override your genetic programming and you will experience a significant boost in your sexual stamina and staying power in bed.

As you can see there are a lot of things that you probably don’t know that can cause premature ejaculation and what may be causing it. Os, if you would like to know everything there is to know about ejaculatory problems, their causes, how to overcome them and how to last longer in bed in general, you simply must check out Ejaculation By Command and Ejaculation Trainer. Those are the two very best books on the subject.