The answer will shock you!

build male staminaPremature ejaculation is one of the most common problems that men face in bed, it is also one of the most embarrassing and frustrating.

A lot of men however consider themselves to be premature ejaculators and will try literally anything in order to learn how to make sex longer, even though they are not.

You see, it takes more than cumming early a couple of times in order to be classified as a man with a PE problem.

In fact, you have to CONSTANTLY ejaculate in less than two minutes after intercourse starts in order to gain the dubious honor of being classified as an early ejaculator!

This just goes to show that pretty much no man is satisfied with how long he can last in bed and that all men would like to learn how to build stamina. Why is that happening though? Well, the answer is very simple: most men have no idea of what the average male stamina is!

Since they have no bar or limit set to overcome, they simply assume that their sexual performance is average at best or lacking, even though it in fact is more than adequate and satisfactory! In other words, men have no idea how long it should take them to cum, so they always assume that they are cumming early.

So, what’s the average male stamina?

Well, I bet that if you ask that question to a group of women and a group of men, the two groups will give you entirely different answers. This is simply because women watch less porn than men! Most men watch a lot of porn and they assume that the things they see there are “average” and “normal”

In other words, they think that those 45 minute long marathon sexual sessions that they watch, are shot in real time and they are not the result of creative editing (looping scenes etc), that they have not been achieved with the help of “fluffers” (people who make sure that a porn star maintains his erection between takes) and that no drugs or other sexual performance enhancing products whatsoever were used. In other words, they think that pornstars are just “average Joes”!

OK, so what do the scientists say?

Well, according to very thorough and unbiased studies, the average male stamina is somewhere between two and five minutes. Yes, you read that right! It’s not an hour, or even a quarter of an hour, it is five minutes AT BEST! Now, being able to last this long may mean that you are not cumming early (good for you), but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are fully satisfying your partner!

build sex stamina

How come?

You see, according to the same studies, it takes the average woman roughly twenty minutes to reach full orgasm during intercourse, so if your performance and sexual stamina is only average, then you should probably learn how to build stamina in order to increase your staying power and have longer sex that will fully satisfy your partner. Maybe you have tried creams and pills and have received disappointing results.

How can I do that?

Well, most guys will turn to the so called band aid solutions and by that I mean drugs and gels that can help you last long a couple of nights, but will do nothing to permanently increase your stamina in bed. If you want to build stamina, then you need to utilize natural techniques, such as the famous kegels exercises that will strengthen your PC muscles, or various arousal control techniques, such as the “stop and go” method! Just search online or in specialized books, like Ejaculation By Command and Ejaculation trainer and you will find many natural techniques to increase male stamina.