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delayed ejaculation curePremature ejaculation is a very common problem in men under 40, in fact, it is pretty much guaranteed that every man will experience it at some point in his life.

What makes this problem really serious however, is the fact that it affects both partners in a relationship since it reduces the amount of pleasure that they both derive out of sex.

Despite the fact that this problem affects so many men and couples, there are many premature ejaculation facts that people seem to not know.

One of those facts, is the connection between premature ejaculation and pregnancy. Simply put, a lot of people think that because a man can’t have sex for long, he can’t get a woman pregnant. Is this true, or is it a myth? Let’s find out!

The Myth: early ejaculators can’t get a woman pregnant

Men and women alike believe that full vaginal penetration and a female orgasm are absolutely necessary for a woman to become pregnant.

In other words, people think that unless an early ejaculating man learns how to make sex last longer, he can’t get his woman pregnant, because his “swimmers” can’t make it to the woman’s eggs, unless there is deep vaginal penetration and most premature ejaculators usually cum before or just as they enter the vagina.

The Truth

Everything in the above paragraph is nothing but a myth! Sure, having longer lasting and deeply penetrating sex can increase chances of conceiving, but that doesn’t mean that conception is impossible unless those conditions are met.

Semen is very resilient and as long as even a drop makes it anywhere near the vagina, there is a just that it might find its way to the woman’s eggs. Sure, the chances are kinda slim, but they still exist!

So yes, a premature ejaculator can get a woman pregnant even if he ejaculates before he has a chance to fully penetrate the vagina, so ALWAYS wear a condom during intercourse, even if you have a premature ejaculator. Let’s address another myth that is part of many premature ejaculation stories:

Pre ejaculation fluids CAN get you pregnant!

A lot of people think that pre ejaculation fluids are just nature’s lubricant and just a sign of the coming ejaculation, and they view their release as a sign to “pull out” during unprotected sex. What they don’t know however, is the fact that this fluid also contains some semen and it can also get a woman pregnant!

In fact, depending on how many times a an has recently had sex or masturbated, it could contain more semen than the actual ejaculation! Again and I can not stress this enough: ALWAYS wear a condom during penetrative sex!

Those are just a few of the myths about premature ejaculation and pregnancy. What you need to remember is that although it is better that men last longer in bed in order to get a women pregnant, but that doesn’t mean that premature ejaculators are incapable of doing that! If you don’t want an unwanted pregnancy, then make sure to ALWAYS use some kind of protection during sex, especially when it involves vaginal penetration.

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